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The judge found that the defendant and his attorney were in collusion to commit jury tampering.

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2011-04-08 01:13:40
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Q: How do you put collusion in a sentence?
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What is a sentence using the word collusion?

Collusion between the hauling companies let them keep their prices artificially high. The government charged that there was collusion between the state agencies and the banks that they were supposed to regulate.

How could you use collusion in a sentence?

The government is also trying to prevent collusionbetween local officials and my owners.

How do you use the word collusion in a sentence?

The collusion between the two major political parties prevented any real reform.The government is trying to prevent collusion between local officials and mine owners.Collusion between the two trash haulers kept cartage rates artificially high for years.

When was Collusion - EP - created?

Collusion - EP - was created in 2005.

When did Baseball collusion happen?

Baseball collusion happened in 1986.

Is collusion allowed?

Collusion is typically not allowed. Collusion is an agreement between parties, that is often illegal, leaving an unfair advantage to the parties involved.

Covert and overt collusion in economics?

Why would you not want any covert collusion in your business

What are the release dates for Collusion - 2011?

Collusion - 2011 was released on: USA: October 2011

What is an antonym for collusion?

Dear questioner: One antonym for collusion is disinterest. Collusion is acting together with dark motives. Disinterest is the attitude of one who has nothing to hide, no ax to grind.

What happens to vehicles in a collusion?

It depends on how big is the collusion but most of the time cars end up wrecked

What is oligopolistic collusion?

Its your mom!!!

Why might collusion be detrimental to consumers?

Collusion is the basis for forming a monopoly. That inhibits the free market or the laws of supply and demand.

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