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Overwhelm means to cover over completely; to overcome by superior force or numbers.

She was overwhelmed at the many unexpected gifts she received for her birthday.

The emergency room team was overwhelmed by the number of cases it handled after the Fourth of July revelry.

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To overwhelm is to overpower thoughts, emotions, or physical strength. Here are some sentences.

  • His strength will overwhelm hers.
  • The emotions will overwhelm me at the funeral.
  • To overwhelm the enemy, the soldier used a grenade.
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Q: How do you use the word overwhelmed in a sentence?
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What is a good sentence with the word overwhelmed?

The professional boxer overwhelmed me with his rapid-fire punches.

A sentence with the word power?

he was overwhelmed by the amount of power he had

Can you make a Sentence with the word overwhelmed?

Yes you can. I was very overwhelmed at school today. i am overwhelmed by the stupidity of that question thats not verynice to say that....

How is the word formidable use in a sentence?

Jim was overwhelmed by the formidable task of completing his English homework before the Reds game.

Can you give me a sentence for the word grief?

Good grief! She was overwhelmed with grief.

What is a good sentence for the word extremity?

The extremity of the situation overwhelmed the group.

How do you use overwhelmed in a sentence?

Emma Grace had sports practice, a student council meeting, and a project, so she was overwhelmed.

How can you use the word futileness in a sentence?

We tried to work out the problem but our attempts were futile. Kim told us it was futile to try, because we wouldn't get anywhere. Then Alex said, there's no such thing as futile: anything can be achieved if we really work at it. And Alex was right: it wasn't futile after all. We found four whole sentences that used the word 'futile' five times.

A sentence with the word happiness?

When Tiffany got the new perfume she wanted, she was overwhelmed with happiness.

How can you use dandy in a sentence?

I might look overwhelmed but everything is fine and dandy.

What is a sentence using the world overwhelmed?

I am overwhelmed with all my new paperwork.

How can you use the word imperial in a sentence?

The citizen's militia was quickly overwhelmed by the imperial army. Although many were taught imperial measurements, most people now use metric units.

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