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The internet and time are the villains against me now.

Sauron and Darth Vader are great villains.

They've eaten all my cookies, those little villains.

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Q: How do you use villains in a sentence?
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How do you use Igneuous in a sentence?

The evil villains believed they had an ingenious plan to take over the world, but Superman was able to stop them.

What does the second sentence do Sidney poitier was neat and clean in the movie In the movies villains always need a shave?

what does the second sentence do Sidney poitier was neat and clean in the movie. In the movies villains always need a shave?

How do you i use the anti power villains cuffs on super villains on popropica?

You will have them when you need them. They just kind of come after you defeat a villan. ;)

How can you make a sentence with the word infest?

Super heros often take a solemn to battle all villains who infest

Is there a book called the villains of Disney or Disney villains?

disney villains

What to do with the goggles in spy island?

you use them to see the lasers in the villains gate thing to get by

Rewrite the following sentence to correct the non-parallel series.Of all the villains on Doctor Who, the Daleks are the deadliest, have the most cruelty, and the most popular?


When was Villains by Necessity created?

Villains by Necessity was created in 1995.

When was Villains' Lorebook created?

Villains' Lorebook was created in 1998.

When did City of Villains happen?

City of Villains happened in 2005.

What is the collective noun for villains?

There is no standard collective noun for a group of villains. The collective nouns for thieves can be used, for example a den of villains or a gang of villains. Or, since collective nouns are an informal part of language, any noun that suits the context or suits your fancy can function as a collective noun; for example, a collusion of villains or a connivance of villains.

When did Villains United happen?

Villains United happened in 2005-07.