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Now, literally speaking, "con" in congress refers to congregation, for the opposite of progress is regress. Unfortunately, many times congress does seem to be the opposite of progress, even if it may not be so in the meaning of the word.

I believe this joke had been independently invented by many people (Great Minds Think Alike)

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Although "pro" often means the opposite of "con," the opposite of progress is either regression or stagnation (no progress).

The observation that the (US) Congress is often seen as impeding progress might be applied to the level of its conservatism, or the fact that it often does the wrong thing for the wrong reason. There is no authoritative attribution to this humorous semantic observation, but many people feel it is true, at least some of the time.

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(This is the opposite of the actual joke about Congress. See the related question.)

If it means what is going on now, you would have to say yes.

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Q: If pro is the opposite of con what is the opposite of progress?
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What is the anytonym for congress?

The joke is that, since pro- is opposite of con-, congress is the opposite of progress. Except for this, there is no antonym.

What is the of the members of house of representatives called?

A congressman. It is memorable because CON is the opposite of PRO, and some feel congress is the opposite of progress.

What is the Congress?

Technically "congress" means the coming together or meeting. It's a meeting of the representatives of different congressional districts around the nation. "If the opposite of PRO is CON, is the opposite of PROGRESS, CONGRESS?

What is the opposite of destroy using the prefix con?


What is the opposite of pro?

Noob Amateur or con

Why does congress not mirror the characteristics of the majority of the American population?

O.K. analyze it; what does "pro" mean? It means good right. What is the opposite of "pro"? it's "con", meaning bad or against (contraband, convict, etc). So i ask you, What's the opposite of progress? think about it. if you like this answer please recommend me vvvvvvv thankyou

What is pro's and con's of senate?

In the words of George Carlin as he asked "if progress is moving ahead what is congress?" miss ya George

What's an occasion for pro and con?

it is a debate An occasion for pro and con is: debate

What is the difference between pro and con euthanais?

the difference between a pro and a con is that a pro is the good thing and a con is the bad thing about htte problem.

Where did Pro and Con originate?

Straight Latin; pro; for, in agreement. Con; against, disagreement.

Why did the American System fail?

Because in a country so diverse, it is virtually impossible to please everyone. This therefore creates many problems with the government and the people. Everything takes forever to happen. The American system is more or less to stop change, but create it at the same time. There's this cliché joke. The opposite of pro is con, and the opposite of progress is congress.

What the prefix for progress?

The prefix for progress is "pro-."