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It is correct English to say "thank someone for something" eg "My wife and I thank you for your kind invitation to your daughter's wedding"

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Q: Is it correct to say 'we thank someone that' Or should it be 'thank someone for'?
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What is the correct reply when someone gift you happy birthday?

You should say "thank you" when someone wishes you Happy Birthday.

Can you say thank you for your correcting or you should say thank you for your correction?

Thank you for your correction is the correct way to use your proper English. You are welcome for my correction.

Is it correct to say thank you for being diligent?

Yes, it is correct to say "thank you for being diligent" to express appreciation for someone's hard work and attention to detail in completing a task or project.

How should you reply to someone saying you have a pretty face?

Say Thank You, That's What I Say.

Should I say 'thank you in anticipation of your kind assistance' or 'thank you in anticipation for kind assistance'?

You should say "thank you in anticipation of your kind assistance." This is the correct phrasing to express gratitude for help that is yet to be given.

Is it correct to say thank to those of you?

No, it is not correct. The correct way to phrase it would be "Thank you to all of you."

What should Isay to them when thank you?

When someone says "Thank you", you should say "You're welcome" back. It is the polite thing to do and it is proper etiquette.

How do you say thank you if someone welcomes you to the team?

You just say "thank you." If you mean, what should you write in a letter, write that and then say how you feel being part of the team.

What do people say after someone say thank you?

If someone says "thank you," then you should say "you're welcome." If that doesn't feel right, then you can say "no problem." Some people just say "anytime" to imply that they are always willing to help.

What should you do if someone was offering drugs to you?

you say thank you because drugs are expensive

What should you say if someone asks you to a school dance but they were paid money to do it?

"No, thank you."

What should you answer if someone tell you that you look great?

You might smile, and say "thank you".