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The word "word" is a noun, adjective, and verb.

Noun: "The words on the page blurred as she moved the magnifying glass".

Verb: "I word my sentences carefully, so as not to confuse you."

Adjective: "I like word games."

There are many examples of words that serves as a noun, a verb, and an adjective: "Golf", a noun, turns into an adjective in the terms "golf cart" and "golf ball". We also have it as a verb "to golf". You can do the same with "love", "trip", "summer", "winter", "dance", etc.

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Q: One word that is a noun verb and adjective?
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One word who is noun verb and adjective?

one word that is a noun verb and adjective

Is a divergent boundary a noun verb or adjective?

The word boundary is a noun. The word divergent is an adjective. Neither one is a verb.

What part of speech is the word fantasy?

Fantasy is a noun and a verb. Noun: That which comes from one's imagination. Verb: To fantasize. no it is a adjective

Is catch an adjective?

No. The word catch is a noun or verb. One adjective form is the past tense "caught."

What is the noun form of present?

The word 'present' is a verb, an adjective, and a noun.The noun 'present' is a word for the period of time now occurring; a word for a gift; a word for a thing.The noun form for the adjective 'present' is presentness.The noun forms for the verb to 'present' are presenter(one who presents), presentation, and the gerund, presenting.

What is the verb or noun or adjective for the word scare?

The word 'scare' is already both a noun and a verb. To make it into an adjective, you could add a 'd': 'scared'. There are other adjectives derived from the word; perhaps you could think of one or two yourself.

Is lowest a noun?

No, the word 'lowest' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun. The adjective 'lowest' is the superlative form of the adjective low.The word 'low' is a verb, an adjective, and a noun.The noun 'low' is a word for a down level, value, price, or temperature; a word for a bad time in one's life; a word for a thing.The noun form of the adjective 'low' is lowness.

What is noun of tender?

The noun tender is a singular, common noun; a word for someone who looks after a person or a machine; one who tends. The word tender is also an adjective and a verb.

What is the linguistic term for the noun version of a word for example brutality for brutal and malice for malicious and bravery for brave?

There is no specific linguistic term for a noun derived from an adjective. Interchange of one part of speech with another can come in many forms, an adjective can have a noun form (brave-bravery), a noun can have an adjective form (cloud-cloudy), a word can even be a noun, an adjective, a verb, and an adverb (clear). You will note that the word 'brave' is both an adjective and a verb.

One word that is a noun verb and adjective -?

An example of a word that functions as a noun, a verb, and an adjective is: empty.EXAMPLESnoun: When you finish your soda, put the emptyin the bin labeled 'plastics'.verb: I have to empty the waste baskets before I can go out.adjective: I'm tired of his empty promises.

What is the noun and adjective form of adjective?

The word see is a noun, a word for the district over which a bishop or archbishop has authority. The proper noun See is another word for Vatican City, The Hole See.The noun forms for the verb 'to see' are seer, one who sees, and the gerund (verbal noun) seeing.The adjective forms of the verb 'to see' are the present participle seeing and the past participle, seen.

Is the word selection a verb noun adjective or adverb?

The word 'selection' is a noun, a singular, common noun; a word for the process of choosing one person or thing from a group; the one that is selected.The verb forms are: select, selects, selecting, selected.The adjective forms are: select, selectable, selective, selecting, selected.The adverb form is: selectively.

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