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In the United States you spell it with a Z, but in other countries it is spelled with an S.

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Q: Realise or realize S or Z?
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What is the spelling of realise or realize?

Realize if American Realise if British

How do you spell realize in England?


What is the difference of realise and realize?

Your social class. Realise is obviously for the upper class, whereas realize is for those of a lesser standing.

What is a sentence using realize?

"i realise that you had a hard time"

What is the word that means to not realize something?

realise, recognize, remember,

What is the present of realize?

the present tense of realised is realise. As in "It didn't take long to realise he left the house with no trousers on".

How do you realize that you are dreaming?

you can realise that you are in a dream like when flying in a dream you cant do that in realty!

When do you realize you're gay?

if you are then you will realise it, you will start to feel attracted to the same sex.

How do you use realise in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Do you realize that you're supposed to do this homework yourself?I realize that cheating is easy.You should realize that the teacher can spot copying as easily as I can.

What is the noun form of realise?

The noun forms of the verb 'realise' (US spelling 'realize') are realiser (realizer), realisation (realization), and the gerund, realising (realizing).

What is the noun form of realize?

The noun forms of the verb 'realize' (UK spelling 'realise') are realizer (realiser), realization (realisation), and the gerund, realizing (realising).

How do you spell realize?

The word can be spelt "realize" or "realise", though some would argue that the -ize spelling is more etymologically accurate and is used mainly in America

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