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The desire to be better than other people.

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wants to be better than others


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want to be better than others

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Q: Snob-appeal advertisements work by appealing to?
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How do you use classified advertisements?

Classified advertisements sell products and services. They are also a way to hire people to work for you.

Why do you think that advertisements use ideal body image pictures instead of ones realistic to our society?

Ideal body image pictures is more appealing than the realistics

What are good advertisements appealing for teenagers?

The best way to answer this is to:Do a Demographical study where the advertisement is going to be shownLook at the Environment where the targeted Teenagers liveCheck out what type of advertisements are being used now to target Teenagers and Improve on it. (note: Make sure you do not infringe upon copyright laws)

What are the uses of publicity?

Businesses typically discuss publicity as a way to get their product to the public (so that they'll buy it) by using appealing advertisements that can be found on TV, the internet, radio, etc.

What is the difference between art and advertisements?

Well, from my own opinion, Art is something created for the purpose of wanting to create something we find exquisite or at least a little appealing, something influenced by our imagination that we wish to bring to life in a piece of art. Adverts are created for the purpose of advertising somethingappealing.So the difference basically is that the Art piece itself is the appealing piece whilst the advert advertises something that may be found appealing.

What contributed to calligraphys popularity?

Poets wanted their work to appear in a visually appealing form.

How do you spell appealing?


What are the classifications of advertisement?

There are many types of advertisements here. 1.) Matrimonial advertisements 2.) Property advertisements 3.) Service advertisements 4.) Business advertisements 5.) Education advertisements 6.) Announcement advertisements 7.) Tours & Travels advertisements 8.) Astrology advertisements

Do billbords work?

Yes, billboards as advertisements do work. A person will see the billboard advertisement, and consider the idea of using the product being advertised.

How does the music industry and graphic design work together?

By creating advertisements and promotional materials for music albums.

What kind of audience members do snob-appeal advertisement work best on?

Snob appeal advertisements work best on people who want to feel superior.

Are there advertisements on Mount Everest?

There are no advertisements on Mount Everest.