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1 = Central Division

Adam = Two Man Patrol Car

12 = Basic Car Area of Patrol

Every division in LAPD is further divided by basic areas, in which specific cars are assigned. Usually one of the grid numbers gives the unit area its number.

In the case of Adam-12, there are several stories, of how "12" came to be. One is that Dan Cook, LAPD Liason officer once worked in a unit 12. Another story is that Jack Webb once lived in an apartment 12.

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2010-01-22 16:05:46
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The tv show Adam 12 depicted a police division located in Los Angeles or LAPD. The "Adam" was phoenetic for letter "A" and the 12 stood for the last 2 digits of the number on the patrol car. For LAPD, "A" would indicate it was two person patrol vehicle and 12 then would be part of patrol car's number.

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Q: What does Adam stand for in Adam-12?
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