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Jdm means Japanese Domestic Market.

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Q: What does Jdm mean in text?
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Who is JDM?

Japanese domestic market (JDM)

When was JDM Allstars created?

JDM Allstars was created in 2008.

What is the mean of jdm?

It actually means Japanese Domestic. japanese domestic market

What does jdm mean on a integra?

JDM refers to Japanese Domestic Market. A "JDM" integra directly refers to an integra directly imported from Japan, this being true only if the car is right hand drive. Otherwise, it's referred to as JDM if it has modifications resembling those in Japan. This mainly includes OEM accessories straight from Japan, however replicas are often used.

Where can one find pictures of a JDM Civic?

Picture of a JDM Civic can be found online in the picture galleries of Google and Yahoo. Pictures of a JDM Civic can also be found in JDM Civic forums and car show reports.

Where can someone purchase JDM stickers?

You can purchase JDM stickers online from the Sticker Nerd or Red Bubble websites. You can also purchase JDM stickers online from retailers such as Amazon.

Where was JDM found?


How do you determine jdm spec?

To tell if your motor is a JDM or not, look on the block, kinda deep in there, and there will be a little square, and for instance, there are H22's and H23A;s, but there will be that and a series of numbers along with it, if that series or numbers isn't with it, its a JDM. My prelude is H23A then 1387979798 w/e, if the numbers arent there, its JDM.

What is the fastest jdm car?


What is a JDM engine?

''Just Did it Myself''

What does jdm hoe means?

JDM "Japanese Domestic Market" more commonly known as HONDAS NISSAN MITSUBISHI and Japanese Tuner vehicle. JDM HOE being a girl involved with or enjoys tuner vehicles.

Where can I find more information on JDM engines?

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines are made in Japan ,constructed to Japanese regulations ( The following sites sells JDM engines in North America, imported from Japan: and

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