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Adversarial debating is debating in front of an audience in which the objective is not to clarify differences of opinion or to agree on common ground but to attack the opponents case by whatever means in order to win over the audience.

The British and American courtroom system is an example of adversarial debating. The councils for the prosecution and defence attack each others case to win over the jury. The truth may never emerge from the process - its more show business than debate.

Discussing your smoking habit with your Dad is non-adversarial debating (or at least starts out to be)

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Q: What does adversarial debating mean?
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What does it mean when someone calls you adversarial?

hostile, opposer, an person who would confrint or attack, the devil, devilish, can be "something cool" if it was Adversarial polarity (AP). try urban dictionary

What does non-adversarial mean?

Non-adversarial means there is a spirit of co-operation, a passive stance, the parties are willing to reach a mutually satisfying resolution to a problem. There is persuasion rather than coercion.

What is adversarial journalism?

Adversarial Journalism is journalism that does not oppose anything. It is not "against the grain" and it is commonly supported. An example of adversarial journalism is something written on the fact that smoking kills, etc.

What dp you mean by adversarial system in American trial courts?

In criminal court you have two sides advocating for their particular party. The prosecutor arguing for the state, and the defense arguing for the defendant. They are adversaries. Thus, an adversarial system, not a cooperative system.

What is adversarial press?

Adversarial Press is the tendancy of the national media to be suspicious of officials and eager to reveal unflattering info about them

What is an adversial system?

The American legal system is adversarial because there are two parties arguing their case. It is the way that things are decided that makes it adversarial.

What are the antonyms for adversarial?

Some antonyms for adversarial:AccordanceAgreeableAmicableBeneficialConcordanceConcordConstructiveEquableFavorableHarmoniousHelpfulPeacefulPlacidPlacidlyPromisingServiceableSupportableTranquilTruceUsefulValuable

Why did the delegates decide to stop debating and sign the constitution?

They just stop debating.

When was Debating Robert Lee created?

Debating Robert Lee was created in 2004.

When was Brown Debating Union created?

Brown Debating Union was created in 1824.

What is the definition of Adversarial system?

The adversarial system is the way the court system works. It refers to the way two attorneys argue a case in front of a judge.

What are the adversarial symbiotic relationships?

In what?All I can say is the symbiotic and adversarial relationship between politicians and the media are:Barack Obama and CNNGeorge W. Bushand CNN

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