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If ur trying to type suggest then suggest means to refer you to something

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Q: What does sugges mean?
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Does the cartoon suggest England will be successful?

Yes the cartoon sugges England and it will be successful

Dr Ross suggested that the Anopheles mosquito might spread malaria from person to person This sugges that its a?


What is the reliance smart customer care number in bhopal?

sir i have lost my mobile in yesterday i am lock my Sim card and Mobile plz sugges me

Why is the moon in outer space?

Due to the fact that that was the way it was formed/collided with Earth (current theories sugges that the moon is a trapped object from another part of the solar system.)

Which plug is number 8?

It vaies between vehicles, i would sugges getting a Chiltons manual for your specific vehicle...i think they are like 5-10 dollars and have a whole wealth of information specific to your vehicle.

Can tea make you itch?

yes sometimes it is possible for tea to make you itch for example if you are allergic to tea or somthing in it. i would sugges changing the type of tea that you drink if it still itches drink somthing else.

Your Honda 91 ex just refused to start again the mechanic hit the fuel tank underneath with wooden hammer after twice or thrice the car started he said it is fuel pump which is bad what you sugges?

Your mechanic is right, replace the fuel pump.

A patient complains of constantly desiring food and water then having to urinate frequently. Tests show normal ADH levels. These symptoms sugges?

The symptoms suggest diabetes mellitus. Polyphagia (unusual hunger) and polyuria (excessive urination) are classic symptoms.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

You can walk as many as you want as long as you have a leash and collar for each dog. I have dog-sat before for 3 different dogs and personaly sugges 2-3 dogs at a time but, other people might have a different opinion.

I have a 1995 doge neon and it over heated on me the timing belt tensionor broke a bolt fixed that but now it still whats to over heat i think its the head gasket did a psi test looked good any sugges?

pressure test the cooling system neons are known for bad head gaskets

What is the difference between industrial organisation model and reosurce based model?

The I O Model sugges that above average returns for any firm are largely determined by characteristics outside the firm The I O Model largely focuses on industry structure or the attractiveness of the extenal environment rather than on the firms internal characteristics

Im 4days late for my period usually im always on time...ive taken 2 Store pregnancy tests and they were both neg. No other preg symptoms. Any other sugges that may answer the hopeful quest.AM I?

you may just be stressing to much and that caused a delay in your period try not to worry to much

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