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A sunny disposition is a term for someone who is cheery and friendly.

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2011-03-22 13:45:27
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Q: What does sunny disposition mean?
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Disposition in a sentence?

She had such a sunny, exuberant disposition that it was actually rather annoying.

What is a sentence using the word disposition?

The florist had a sunny disposition that made me smile. The court finally ruled on the disposition of his estate.

Is sunny an adverb?

Sunny is an adjective. We say: A sunny day. A sunny disposition. The sunny side of the street. The adverb 'sunnily' has rare but specific uses.

What is a good sentence for the word disposition?

"The army scout was able to see the disposition of the enemy troops." "My new teacher has a sunny disposition."

What is a sunny disposition?

It means that you are in a really good mood, or at least you look as though you are happy, or 'sunny'.

What is the opposite of sunny?

The opposite of sunny (weather) could be either cloudy, or rainy, or both. The opposite of sunny (disposition) could also be gloomy.

What does a held disposition mean?

what does the disposition held mean

A sentence with disposition?

Jullie woke up every morning with a sunny disposition, and she loved to annoy her grumpy, sleepy brothers with her cheerful singing.

What does disposition of charge mean?

The 'disposition' is whatever the final action of the court was.

What does ember is the color of your energy mean?

Anyone with an Amber energy or aura brings a carefree and sunny disposition, promotes both success and good luck, and dissolves any and all oppositions.

What does partly sunny mean?


What does case dismissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean?

Complaint dismissed as to Swanson, Pamela with disposition of Request for Dismissal. what does case dimissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean

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