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A critique can either be a critical analysis of a work (like a book, story, painting, sculpture) -- or it can be a critical evaluation of a work-in-progress where you tell the artist what you find good and bad about their work. To critique can also be a verb meaning the act of doing these things.
Critique is having assessment of something. This word is a noun.

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Q: What is a critique?
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What is tagalog of critique?

ano ang tagalog ng critique

A sentence for the word critique?

Critique means to evaluate thoughtfully. His critique of my work was valuable to me.

Sentence for critique?

A sentence for the word critique might be "He wanted to critique her poetry but decided not to". The word critique means to criticize or to judge the quality of.

When was Critique of Judgment created?

Critique of Judgment was created in 1790.

When was Critique of Anthropology created?

Critique of Anthropology was created in 2000.

How do you spell critique?

That is the correct spelling of "critique" (to give criticism).

Is critique masculine or femine?

"Une critique." It's feminine.

Who was the philosopher of Critique of Pure Reason?

Immanuel Kant is the author of the book. The book is also referred to as Kant's first critique. It is followed by the second critique, Critique of Practical Reason.

What is an example of critique in a sentence?

His political critique was very appealing to the public. John's critique of the prime minister's policy was scathing.

Another example of a sentence using the word critique?

This can be a noun or a verb. To critique is to provide constructive criticism for a work such as writing or art. The art critic will critique my painting for the newspaper. A critique is the criticism itself. I wrote a critique of the book I just read. I read the critique with anxiety, hoping that the critic had liked my work.

What does critique and crossbar mean?

critique he authors skillful chocie of words

Can you critique my writing?

WikiAnswers is not really a writing critique site. I have linked some good writing critique sites for you below - also, some Related Questions about how to edit and critique your own work!

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