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A complete thought makes a complete sentence.

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Q: What is a group of words that make a complete sentence?
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Related questions

What is A group of words having a subject and a verb but doesn't make a complete thought?

It's a sentence fragment.

How do you use a word group to make a complete sentence?

i started a group about food

What is the meaning of a simple predicate?

a group of words that make a sentence

What is a group of words that have a subject and a verb but does not make a complete thought?


What does complete predicate mean?

a sentence that is made up of different words combined to make a complete thought.

How do you convert sentence fragments to sentences?

Add the necessary words to complete the sentence and make it clear and concise.

What is a group of related words containing a subject and a verb?

They make up a sentence.

Is this a question a complete sentence?

If you are asking whether the words "Is this a question" make a complete sentence, yes-- but not a declarative sentence. They make a question, and they need a question mark at the end. A declarative sentence is just a statement of fact: "Yes, this is a complete sentence." But a question is where you ask someone about something: "Do you have any questions to ask me?"

How many words must there be to make a short sentence?

It depends on the context. Something as simple as 'He killed the cat.' - is a complete sentence.

Does a complete thought have only a verb?

A complete thought does have a verb; but having a verb does not make a group of words a complete thought. A complete thought must have at least one verb, but a complete thought can also have several verbs.An incomplete though that does have a verb is called a clause.A group of words becomes a sentence when it is a complete thought. Some examples:The cookies that Mary made were passed out to the class. (The dependent clause 'that Mary made' has a subject and a verb, but it is an incomplete thought.)I watched TV while Mary washed the dishes, packed the lunches, and made some coffee. (There are four verbs in the sentence, but the sentence is a single complete thought.)

Is using the word then in the beginning of sentence make it a complete sentence?

Using the word "then" at the beginning of a sentence is not incorrect. However, it does not make a sentence complete. A complete sentence must have, at a minimum, a subject and a verb. "Then" is neither of those.

My best friend has the measles. What's the complete subject of the sentence?

My best friend (All the words in the subject make up the complete subject.)

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