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The predicate nominative is a noun or pronoun that follows a linking verb that restates or stands for the subject. For example:

Mary is my sister. (Mary = sister)

Mary was elected class president. (Mary = president)

The winner is you. (winner = you)

I am the manager. (I = manager)

You and I are friends. (You and I = friends)

Amy was our teacher. (Amy = teacher)

Harold is a baseball star. (Harold = Baseball star)

It is I. (it = I)

A pronoun functioning as a PREDICATE NOMINATIVE is always in the NOMINATIVE CASE.

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Q: What is a predicate nominative?
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What is meaning of predicate nominative?

The noun after the verb is the predicate nominative. John is boss. Boss is the predicate nominative.

Is a predicate noun and a predicate nominative the same?

A predicate nominative is a noun or a pronoun. A predicate noun is a noun.

5 example of predicate nominative?

Jonnah is my best friend.friend is the predicate nominative

You are friends is friends a predicate adjective or a predicate nominative?

Friends is a noun, so it's a predicate nominative.

Is a predicate nominative a linking verb?

A predicate nominative is not a linking verb. A predicate nominative is the noun that follows a linking verb and restates the subject.Martha is a teacher. (Martha is the subject, is is the linking verb, and teacher is the predicate nominative.)

Is pie predicate nominative or predicate adjective?

Pie is a noun. If it follows a linking verb, it's a predicate nominative.

Is crate a predicate nominative?

A predicate nominative is a noun or pronoun that follows a linking verb. Crate is a noun, so it can be used as a predicate nominative. Example: That is a crate.

Construct meaningful sentence using noun as predicate nominative?

A sentence containing a predicate nominative

Example of gerund in a predicate nominative?

George's greatest pleasure is is the gerund and it is a predicate nominative

Can the predicate nominative also follow an action verb?

No, a predicate nominative follows a linking verb.

Is a predicate noun the same as a predicate nominative?


He has given the world grand and powerful works of art What is the predicate nominative in that sentence?

There is no predicate nominative in that sentence. A predicate nominative follows a linking verb. "has given" is a transitive verb.

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