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a predicate objective is a predicate that has an objective

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Q: What is a predicate objective?
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Do you use I in the predicate part of the sentence?

No. The predicate of the sentence is objective and, therefore, the correct pronoun would be 'me'.

What are the predicate pronouns?

The objective pronouns may be called 'predicate pronouns', however that can be misleading. A predicate is the verb and all of the words that follow it that are related to that verb. An objective pronoun can be related to the subject of the sentence. Any pronoun may be part of the predicate.The objective pronouns are: me, us, him, her, them, whom.The pronouns that can function as subject and object are: you, it.Example: The man with him is his brother.The objective pronoun 'him' (object of the preposition 'with') relates to the subject 'man'.The predicate in the sentence is: is his brother.Note the pronoun 'his' is a part of the predicate. The pronoun 'his' is the possessive adjective form.Example: The customer for whom I made this cake will pick it up at ten.The objective pronoun 'whom' (object of the preposition 'for') relates to the subject 'customer'.The predicates in the sentence are:made this cakewill pick it up at ten

How can you translate I am me to Latin?

"Sum me."sum ego is correct (the objective pronoun me is not to be used as a predicate nominative).

Is Sidney a direct object or predicate adjective orpredicate nominative or objective complement?

The word 'Sidney' is a proper noun, the name of a specific person, place, or thing. A proper noun, a name can be uses as a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, a predicate nominative, or an objective complement. A predicate adjective is normally an adjective, not a noun.

What is the plural of hers?

The plural form of hers is theirs (the possessive of the pronouns they and them). Hers is not plural: it is the predicate adjective form of the possessive her, because "her" is also the objective form of "she." You cannot say the book is her, as you can for his, which is different from the objective pronoun him. (The pronoun it has no predicate adjective form.)

Is her a predicate nominative?

No, a predicate nominative must be a subjective pronoun. The pronoun 'her' is an objective pronoun. A predicate nominative is the noun or a pronoun following a linking verb that restates or stands for the subject. Example: It was she who told me. (the pronoun 'she' is restating the subject 'it')

This contains pronouns which are used as objects in sentences?

The predicate of a sentence contains objective pronouns. For example, in the sentence "Sarah gave it to Louis," the word 'it' is an object and is located in the predicate.

What is a predicate nominative pronoun?

A predicate nominative is the noun or a pronoun following a linking verb that restates or stands for the subject.A pronoun functioning as a predicate nominative is a nominative case pronoun.Example: The winner of the trophy was she. (winner = she)

What is the simple predicate in this sentence 1 A light mist was falling from a cloudy sky?

This is a somewhat controversial subject. Probably most grammarians would assert that the simple predicate is "was falling", the past progressive form of "to be". Others might insist that only "was" is the simple predicate and that "falling from a cloudy sky" is an objective complement.

What's an example of the objective case?

In the sentence "I ate an apple" the subject is I, the action or predicate is ate, and apple is the object, modified by the adjective an. you suck

Is he a predicate singular direct or indirect pronoun?

The pronoun 'he' is a subjective pronoun, which functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause. The objective pronoun to take the place of a singular noun for a male is him.The objective pronoun can be the singular predicate, direct or indirect object. Examples:Direct object: We saw him at school today.Indirect object: We made him some lunch. (We made lunch for him.)

Is HER a predictive nominative?

The predicate nominative is the noun or a pronoun following a linking verb that restates or stands for the subject. The objective personal pronoun 'her' can function as a predicate nominative. Example:The winner is her.The possessive adjective, a word that describes a noun. The possessive adjective 'her' can describe a noun that is a predicate nominative. Example:The winner is her horse.

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