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It is one of 4 registers called general purpose registers Ax has a another name witch is (accumulator) it used in arithmetic and logic operation and store data from I/o port in microprocessors like 8086/8088

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Q: What is an ax register?
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Is Ax register used as destination operands?

yes it can be used

What are different types of registers in a basic computer?

computer has different registers each of which has different functions. ax - accumulator register bx - base register cx - counter register computer has different registers each of which has different functions. ax - accumulator register bx - base register cx - counter register

What is immediate addressing of register?

i.e.-->mov ax,2000h (in 8086)

Give the steps to set trap flag to 1?

;assuming trap flag is the 8th bit in the flags register pushf pop ax or ax,0100h push,ax popf

What is ax or accumulator register?

Accumulator is a general purpose is a 8 bit register in 8085. it stores the temporary results of a current operation doing by is also called 'A' register

What are the multipurpose registers in 8086 microprocessor?

8086 has four multipurpose registers. 1. AX (Accumulator Register) 2. BX (Base Register) 3. CX (Count Register) 4. DX (Data Register) By Aneeta Arshad

What the Difference between accumulator and instruction register 8080?

Examples: /360: no accumulator 8080: A 6800: A and B 8086: AX ...

What are the four kinds of general purpose register?

Four kinds of general purporse registers are AX, BX, CX, and DX registersn. AX is the accumulator register that stores the operands performed by ALU. BX is the base register that stores internal addressing,in short it stores memory addresses, CX does the counting, the looping while DX is the data register. General purpose registers store 8 bits, 16bits and 32 bits data.

What is ax times ax?

(ax)(ax) = a2 + 2ax + x2

21 Write a program in assembly language that calculates the square of six by adding six to the accumulator six times?

[org 0x0100] mov ax,6 ; load first number in ax add ax,6 ; accumulate sum add ax,6 add ax,6 add ax,6 add ax,6 mov ax, 0x4c00 ; terminate program int 0x21 ------ Another way: [org 0x0100] ; This is a .com file, not an .exe. DOS .com files start at 100h (256 decimal), have no stack segment, are no larger than 64k, and the code and data segments must be the same. xor ax, ax ;zero register mov cx, 6 ;put 6 in counter register for loop instruction start: add ax,6 ; accumulate sum loop start ; decrements cx and serves as conditional jump to start label. mov ax, 0x4c00 ; terminate program int 0x21 (I rarely terminated DOS programs this way using the DOS termination service (int 21h, ah=4ch). Usually, terminating with RetN was enough.)

What is the homonym of ax?


Definition or function of AX accumulator register?

AX is one of four general purpose registers in Intel's x86 architecture. It's primary function is to store result of some mathematic operations (or in other words accumulate their results). In the later generation of processors it become parto of EAX register. It is probably still present in your CPU, if you have x86 compatible processor.

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