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Q: What is the correct spelling superheroes or super heroes?
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How do you spell super heroes?

The two words are now combined into the one word : superhero .

How do you spell superheroes?

That is the usual spelling of "superhero" or alternately super-hero (costumed hero of fiction). The term was disputed as a trademark through the early 21st century. The two word phrase "SUPER HEROES" is now jointly owned by Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

What super heroes have beaten Galactus?

Some superheroes who have defeated Galactus include the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Thor, and the Silver Surfer. They have used their intelligence, teamwork, and powerful abilities to outsmart or overpower Galactus in various comic book storylines.

What are some upbeat songs that are about superheroes or relate to being super?

ToonTown Party - Cartoon Heroes

What are the most popular superheroes?

The entire Justice League, Superman, and Batman are the most popular superheroes. The popularity of super heroes varies widely and usually corresponds with the release of movies and games.

What types of super heroes?

there can be superheroes in comic books from movies...... one is called Captain Underpants.... ill think of more

What super heroes use shields?

Tarpon, Schotte, Ant of Dftd, and Comet9750 are the only superheroes that i know use shields.

In dc universe online can you play as super heroes in the game if not that sucks?

the whole point of DC universe is to choose from a variety of superheroes to be able to play against other people. so yes, you can play as superheroes

Positive effects of movies to the youth?

It is good for schooling children to learn about things etc. And I made a poem There are no super heroes They only become superheroes when they get bitten by spiders or chemicals etc The only super heroes are police, fire man etc THANK YOU FOR READING.

What was the name of the place that the Marvel Comics superheroes gathered?

The headquarters for Marvel Comics superheroes is called the Avengers Tower or Avengers Mansion. It serves as a base of operations for the Avengers team in the comics.

What has the author Michael Owen Carroll written?

Michael Owen Carroll has written: 'Super human' -- subject(s): Superheroes, Fiction 'The awakening' -- subject(s): Fiction, Science fiction, Heroes in fiction, Adventure and adventurers, Heroes, Adventure and adventurers in fiction

What are all the super heroes that Lego has created?

Some are quite rare but they have created Batman's world of heroes and villains , Superman ( EXTREMELY RARE ), Spiderman ( rare ), and i believe Iron Man ( also rare ). I am very weary of Lego superheroes so somebody else can give you an answer if you need it.