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publication date or release date

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Q: What is the date a book was published called?
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When was the world book millennium 2000 published?

Well I think the copyright date is the published date of a book. So the published date for this book would be 1999

What is the last publishing date in a book?

That is the last date in which the book was published or sent to print.

When this book published?

We need the name of the book. But, the date when a book is published is usually printed on the inside title page.

Book published after the death of author is called?

Posthumous Book- A book published after the authour's death.

What date the book Four Blind Mice by James Patterson was published?

It was published in 2003

What date was the first Mary Poppins book published?

1934 was the first book.

When was the book the giver published?

The book"s first copyright date is 1992

What was jacqeline Wilson's first published book called?

Jacqueline Wilson's first published book was called love lessons

What will the third Invisible Fiends book be called?

Book 3 is called THE CROWMASTER, and it is published in February in the UK. Book 4 is called DOC MORTIS, and it is published in August.

What is the name of William Harvey's book and when was it published?

harveys book is called EMBRYOLOGY, and was published in 1651

Who is the publisher for your Spiritual Journal written by Dale Evans Rogers?

I don't think she wrote a book called "Your Spiritual Journal", but I did find a book called "My Spiritual Diary" and it was published by F. H. Revell Co., [Westwood, N.J. ] Date Published: 1955

What date was the book of tintin published?

The first Tintin comic was published in 1929, Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.

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