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Both are common usage. In the last decade, "mic" has been rising in popularity.

"Mike" was first reported used in 1927. The first usage of "mic" is thought to be 1961.

It's believed "mic" has gained popularity because it is the common abbreviation on sound boards.

Common complaints against mic are that it reads like "Mick", and it breaks normal grammar usage (a long "i" with a hard "c" sound sould be spelled: "ike") . Other abbreviations (coke, nuke, bike) virtually always are spelled to reflect the intended pronunciation. Also, conjugations of "mic" are awkward. (although the proper conjugations are miked and miking).

There are a number of web sites and internet threads that encourage the use of mike over mic for these reasons.

"Mic" proponents argue that it's become a standard for the music industry.

While audio industry publications tend to exclusively use "mic", its usage is distinctly mixed in non-industry media.

A Google search for "open mic" vs "open mike" runs roughly 3 to 1.

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Q: What is the proper abbreviation for microphone mic or mike?
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