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If you are said to be speaking under you breath it means that you are making a comment (in the presence of other people) which only a few people near to you could possibly hear. The comment would normally be a disagreement with what someone else has said or is saying but where you would not want to make the disagreement entirely public but where you did want some others to know you were not happy. Another word for it is muttering.

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Was always taught to speak directly to others. Talking under ones breath diminishes yourself and others.
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Commenting (especially disagreeable) by speaking under breath or muttering is inappropriate. It is diminishing to one's self and others.n

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Q: What meaning to speak under your breath mean?
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What does sotto voce mean in French?

Sotto voce is Italian. That means to 'speak under one's breath', as if one was talking to himself.

What does didn't utter a word mean?

It means that someone remained silent and did not speak at all.

What does Talking under your breath mean?

Talking under your breath means speaking very quietly or mumbling so that others may not be able to hear what you are saying. It is often done out of frustration, annoyance, or to avoid confrontation.

Does the h in Jehovah mean breath?

No. The literal meaning for the name Jehovah is "He causes to become".

What does muttered actually mean?

I believe that muttered means to talk under your breath or talk in a deep whisper.

What is the meaning of cue?

Cue can mean a wooden shaft used in games, or a direction to speak in a play.

What does soundness of speech mean?

It is a quotation from the Bible - Titus 2: 8, meaning speak accurately and speak the truth so that your opponents will have no reason to criticise you

What does it mean to call a spade a spade?

It means to speak plainly. Eg. : Would you like a piece of gum? - or - Would you like a mint? - vs - Your breath stinks.

What does muttered mean?

muttered means to talk under your breath just to whisper or mumble that is what i think muttered means.THANK YOU!!! BY.Pravenaa

What is the meaning of the idiom 'Smile it might never happen'?

They mean that your expectations may be unrealistic or unlikely. They are telling you not to hold your breath, but to move on happily.

What words have the root parl in them meaning ask?

parl does not mean ask it means speak. parliament and parlay are examples

What does to discourse mean in shakespeare?

It means to speak or converse. Same meaning it has nowadays (Look it up if you don't believe me)