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Is this a multiple choice question? What are the sentences?

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Q: Which of these sentences describes the setting of the story?
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What term describes where a story happens?

The setting is where a story happens.

What two things does the setting describe about a story?

The setting describes whenand wherea story takes place.

Which of these definitions describes setting?

the location and timeframe of a story

What definition best describes the setting of a story?

the location and timeframe of a story >Kaylop<

Which best describes the area where the story takes place?


What are three words describing the setting of a story?

It was lush, verdant, and temperate. This describes a rainforest.

Which of these sentences best describes the complication of a story?

The part where the main charicter faces a conflict /*APEX*/

What is the setting of the story does it depict the story?

Setting describes where, when, and the context in which a story takes place. It is the backdrop for all stories. The setting of Beauty and the Beast, for example, would be France. The setting of The Great Gatsby is the 20's, and the setting of Flags of our Fathers would be the middle of a war. It is the where when and how, essentially.

How do you write a setting to a story?

There are several different ways to show setting:just write a couple of sentences about where and when the story is taking placedescribe the setting a little at a time as the action happensshow the setting through the eyes of the character by describing how they feel about itmake the setting into a character and treat it as another player in the story

What BEST describes the manner in which Dickens uses setting in his story The Signalman?

to disorient the reader

What is the setting of the story a coward?

what is the setting of story of A COWARD

What is the setting of the story the centipede?

in the house ..

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