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Jesus said, be compassionate as your heavenly father is compassionate.

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Q: Who said be compassionate as your heavenly father is compassionate?
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Who was the heavenly father of Jesus?

God was the heavenly father of Jesus.

What did Jesus ask his heavenly father to do to the people who hurt him?

Jesus Said to forgive them. Luke 23:24 Father,Forgive them for they do not know what they do.

What is the proper name of the Heavenly Father?

The proper name for the Heavenly Father in Christianity is God or Yahweh.

Who is Heavenly Mother?

Heavenly mother is Heavenly fathers wife she is a powerful women like heavenly father she is Jesus's mother.

God is Jesus heavenly father Joseph is Jesus earthly father did Jesus have another father?

No, He had no other father, it is as you wrote, God was His heavenly father, and Joseph was his earthly step-father. He had no other father.

Who is Jesus father in heaven?

The Heavenly Father, God.

What actors and actresses appeared in Heavenly Father - 2012?

The cast of Heavenly Father - 2012 includes: Jay Disney as Michael

Yes Zeus is the heavenly father?

In Greek Myth, Zeus is the King of Heaven.

Who is our heavenly mother?

we do have a heavenly mother, but our heavenly father wanted to not mention it bc then people would say her name in vain.

Who does Jesus say are his true family in the Gospels?

Jesus said two family's were his family. He said the family of heaven was his family and it was as God is his father. But Mary and Joseph were also who he said was his family. He was right there too. Mary actually born him and Joseph was the father but God was his heavenly father. Still his father but God did not born him. Jesus was sent from heaven and born in the arms of Mary and Joseph.

Does our heavenly father get the glory after you become disciples?

SOMEone does.

When is the second coming?

When heavenly father decides to come.