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God was the heavenly father of Jesus.

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Q: Who was the heavenly father of Jesus?
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God is Jesus heavenly father Joseph is Jesus earthly father did Jesus have another father?

No, He had no other father, it is as you wrote, God was His heavenly father, and Joseph was his earthly step-father. He had no other father.

Who is Jesus father in heaven?

The Heavenly Father, God.

Who said be compassionate as your heavenly father is compassionate?

Jesus said, be compassionate as your heavenly father is compassionate.

Who is Heavenly Mother?

Heavenly mother is Heavenly fathers wife she is a powerful women like heavenly father she is Jesus's mother.

Is Jesus Christ's mother God?

No, Jesus Christ's mother is Mary and his earthly father is Joseph. His Heavenly father is God.

How Jesus pray?

He prayed by talking to his Heavenly Father the Lord our God.

What did Jesus ask his heavenly father to do to the people who hurt him?

Jesus Said to forgive them. Luke 23:24 Father,Forgive them for they do not know what they do.

Who is the god of a Mormon?

it is the heavenly father otherwise known as god or jesus christ

Who became your advocate with the heavenly father?

Jesus Christ did, when he took my sins upon Himself and died for you and for me, in order to reconcile our relationship with our Heavenly Father which had gotten severed by Adam.

What was Jesus' response to God's call?

Jesus prayed continuously, the Father's will, not His. His entire life was to be of service to the Heavenly Father, an example for all people on earth.

What do you have to do to be Jesus?

As much as you hate to hear it....You could never be Jesus. Jesus is the son of God and so he is absolutely perfect like his heavenly father.

Why was Jesus in Cana when the official's son was sick?

Jesus came and went according to the leading of his heavenly Father. Often there is no reason given in the scriptures.