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Q: Who wrote Where are the snowdrops said the Sun?
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How much sun do Snowdrops need?

Snowdrops prefer partial to full shade, so they do not require direct sunlight to thrive. They can tolerate some sunlight, especially in early spring before trees leaf out and provide more shade. It's best to plant snowdrops in a location with dappled sunlight or where they can receive morning sun and afternoon shade.

Do snowdrops have seeds?

Yes, snowdrops do have seeds, which are produced after the plant flowers. The seeds are typically dispersed by ants, who are attracted to the seeds as a food source. Snowdrops can also be propagated by dividing their bulbs.

How did snowdrops get its name?

i dint no

Are snowdrops an endangered plant?

Snowdrops (galanthus nivalis) in which there are 75 different species and varieties. They can be found in England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium and Scandinavia. According to the IUCN the Snowdrops (galanthus nivalis) is rated as near threatened (February 2011). Some snowdrops species are threaten in the wild.

Is it bad luck to have snowdrops indoors?

Pretty little snowdrops are best left out of doors, where they are commonly one of the first signs of Spring. It is said to be very unlucky to bring them indoors. In fact, bringing them indoors is believed to be a sign that a member of the household will die before the next Spring arrives.

What are the flowers that grow in the snow called?


Bulbs that start with the letter s?


Why do snowdrops grow?

They don't any more.

Who wrote the art of war?

Sun Tsu wrote it, around 500BC. This is Chinese History, by the way, not European History

How much does Mar's take to cover an orbit?

A) You wrote does wrong B) You wrote Mars wrong you should have said "How much does it take for Mars to orbit the Sun?" Toanswer your question it takes 687 Earth days.

Who wrote moon and sun the ruby key?

Holise Isle wrote Moon & Sun: The Ruby Key

When should one plant snowdrops in the garden?

Snowdrops are the first flowers to show their bloom after the cold winter. They are sold in-the-green by specialist nurseries so they are immediately planted. They need sunlight to grow but more of it damages them. Snowdrops should be planted in the fall, or in late spring as well. Their bloom period is in the late winter and early spring.