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Texas Ranchers sent their longhorns on cattle drives because the demand of the cattle in Texas was low. But high in the north and east. Demand and supply affect the price of nearly everything that was bought and sold - not just the cattle.

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To get them to a railhead and sell them

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Q: Why did Texas ranchers send their longhorn on cattle drive?
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After the Civil War why did Texas ranchers drive cattle herds to kansas?

After the Civil War Texas ranchers drove cattle in herds to Kansas because that is where the big stockyards were at the time. It was also a place for the Texas ranchers to use the railroad for shipping cattle elsewhere.

Texas Longhorn Cattles were a mix of?

They were breeded by ranchers in the cattle drive period in 1800's. Spanish and Texan cattles were breeded together to form Longhorns. Citations: TX History Textbook Holt

Why did ranchers decide to drive cattle from Texas to towns along the railroad?

So they could sell it to the city folk

Why did ranchers decide to drive their cattle from Texas to the towns along the railroad?

So they could sell it to the city folk

What are the trips that ranchers would take there cattle on?

Cattle Drive.

What was organized by Texas cattlemen beginning 1865 to move longhorn cattle to railheads that would transport the animals to eastern markets?

The organized effort by Texas cattlemen was known as the Long Drive. It involved herding thousands of longhorn cattle from Texas to railheads, which were locations where the cattle could be loaded onto trains for transportation to the eastern markets. The Long Drive played a crucial role in the development of the cattle industry in Texas and helped meet the high demand for beef in the east.

How did ranchers move cattle to east during 1870?

Ranchers hired cowboys to gather and drive the cattle east. The expansion of the railroads shortened the cattle drive, enabling the cowboys to simply drive the cattle to the nearest rail stockyard.

How were cattle from Texas moved to the northern railroad?

Texas ranchers grouped their cattle into herds and marched them across the countryside to get to the railroad to be shipped east or west. This was called a cattle drive and needed about 4 or more people on horseback to control where the cattle went.

The herding of cattle from Texas to railroad centers to the north was given the name?

The herding of cattle from Texas to railroad centers to the north was called a cattle drive. Cattle drives took many months to complete. Some of the cowboys would drive the cattle to Kansas and not want to go back to the ranch after being paid. Then ranchers would have to hire more hands the next cattle drive season.

What was it called when ranchers rounded up their cattle in 1866 and drove them to sedalia Missouri?

A cattle drive.

Why did ranchers drive cattle north from Texas to places like Abilene?

Because often places like these were the closest points to sell and ship their cattle. They didn't have auction marts or sale-barns nor big cattle-liners back then.

What is a Cattle Roundup?

Its when ranchers or cowboys take there cattle to a train which they get on to and take them to the slaughter house. They might also get on trucks. You might call it a cattle run or a cattle drive.