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AnswerI assume that you have a front-wheel-drive vehicle and that the noise comes from the left side when you are turning right. If so, your symptoms are indicating a possible CV Joint problem (Constant Velocity Joint). Upon inspection, you will likely need a new or rebuilt half-shaft. You need MORE than a new CV boot because the joint has lost all the grease and dirt has gotten inside.

If it's a single knock or pop, it can be the tie-rod ends. If it's continuous knocking, almost grinding, most likely it's the CV Joint. But to be sure, lift the front of the car on jacks and grab the wheel that's making the noise at the 12 and 6 positions and give it a strong wiggle back and forth. If it gives freely for any distance, it's the CV Joint. Grab it at the 9 and 3 positions and wiggle those back and forth. If it moves freely for even a fraction of an inch, your tie-rod ends need to be replaced. Do the same to the other wheel because you never know if that one has a problem that hasn't audibly manifested yet. I suggest replacing both sides of the axle's tie-rod ends since you're going to have to get them aligned anyway. Replace both inner and outer tie-rod ends too. It'll be a little more expensive, but then you're only doing one re-alignment, and you know that you didn't leave any old parts in there that could go bad quite quickly (costing you time and re-alignment later). Basically, if any part of a tie-rod end needs replacing, do them all for the axle, as they all are likely due for it if one goes out. Both the inner and outer tie-rod ends have joints that can go loose over time. If you've let your car go for many years, you could end up with bad CV Joints and bad tie-rod ends. It's rare that both go bad at the same time, but a thorough inspection is best to be sure. Accidents and strong impacts like giant potholes *can* damage both systems.

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Q: What causes a knocking sound in the front of a car when turning to the right?
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What causes a knocking noise to occur during normal driving while slightly turning right.?

tie rods

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


When turning right knocking noise come from your constant velocity joint is it the right side or left side of the front of the car that the is coming from?

Turning right loads the left front wheel of the vehicle, so if you hear the knock when you turn right the bad CV joint is on the left, and vice versa.

Why does your citroen xsara Picasso make a knocking noise when turning left or right?

Assuming this is an older car a knocking noise on turning could mean one of the drive shafts is worn. Other things to check - are the bolts tight on the front wheels, if a very high mileage it could be worn wheel bearings.

What causes a thumping noise in front end when turning right or left in a Honda civic?

worn cv joint =[

Left Front wheel knocking noise when turn right?

Worn front axle and/or front end component.

Why is your car knocking on the right side front?

is it front wheel drive? if so the cv joint is bad

What causes a knocking noise on the front of your BMW when turning right?

Bad CV (continuous velocity) joint on your front axle. Could be either side. Shop around this reapar can cost as little as $100 and as much as $1000. Larger towns have shops tthat specialize in CV axle replacement and tend to charge the least as well as do the best work.

Knocking noise in front end of 2001 Toyota corolla it gets worse when slightly turn right like around a bend?

Started with turning right now it's while driving and it's not a constant noise. Just started today

Noise front right tire?

when turning or when ridin?

What causes both front and rear right side turning signals to stop working on a 1998 Chevy Venture?

Check the bulbs first but it can also be the flasher.

What causes a grinding noise when only turning right in a 2003 dodge 1500?

More than likely you have a defective left front wheel bearing. Inspect the bearing and also inspect the bearing on the right front. Inspect your brake pads if this is not the problem.