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**ANSWER** Yes. Studies have shown for many years that young women and girls that aggressively train and work out (for heavy competitive sports) can not only delay their periods, but they miss them all together. You should speak to your family physician or your GYN for advice. It could be a serious problem. <<adr>>

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Q: Can being more athletic than usual delay your period?
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I am also on Citalopram as well as being on birth control and I've had my period every month like I was supposed to. It did take a little longer for it to start for me. I am on a Tuesday start and it usually started around Thursday night or the latest one started Friday night. That's all the delay I have experienced in about 5 months. If you have any concerns, call your doctor, as usual. They're the only one who can tell you based on your specific case, of course.

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There could be a number of things. A lot of women need to have their period "restarted" by medications occasionally for some reason. Call your doctor and talk to them about what to do. sometimes excessive stress or more exercise than usual could delay or even stop your period. if this happens i suggest calling a doctor

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