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Q: Can you return a nike cleat bought with a voucher?
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Are Nike 90 a good cleat?

yes nike 90 is a very good type of cleat

What is the difference between a economic Nike cleat and a regular Nike cleat?

economics are made of cheaper material

What is the lightest football cleat in the world?

the lightest football cleat is nike vapor jett

What was the first Nike football cleat?


What is the most used cleat in mlb?


What cleat does Robinson Cano have?

2010 nike hurrache

What is the best soccer cleat for youth?

in my opinion the best cleat for youth is anything in the nike total 90 catorgory

What is Nike's lightest soccer cleat?

The Gs soccer clear.

What is the best soccer cleat for a defender?

Nike T90 Laser, Adidas Predator X, Nike Mercurial Vapor 5

What are the best football cleat brand?

Nike is by far the one with the most swag

Is the nike tiempo a soccer or baseball cleat?

They are soccer cleats, but can also be used for other cleat sports if you play recreationally. If you play competitively, then you should get the sport-specific footwear.

What type of cleats does CC Sabathia wear?

He takes Jordans and puts cleat bottoms on them.