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No, whey would benefit you because the aspirin thins your blood and delivers the protein to your body more quickly. However if you are on apsirin you might want to stay away from contact sports and/or fighting because you will bleed and bruise very badly more then the average person

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Q: Is whey protein bad for you if you are taking aspirin on a daily basis?
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Will taking ibuprofen negate therapeutic value of daily aspirin?


Is aspirin good for hypothyroidism?

It's okay to take aspirin while taking synthroid. (Do not take more than what is recommended on the package of aspirin.) If you are considering taking aspirin daily for your heart, it should be a baby aspirin or 1/2 tablet of plain aspirin.

Can you take ibuprofen and warfrin?

I as told by my local clinic that I could not take aspirin with warfrin, however when I posed the same question to the docs at Mayo they told me I could take one Zorprin a day with the warfrin. Zorprin is an aspirin that is prescription and does not react with stomach acids. So take your pick. I need the aspirin for inflamation.

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Penis. No, it has no affect on it.

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What is regular drugs?

Regular drugs are drugs taken by an individual on a daily basis like aspirin, insulin, blood pressure tablets, inhalers for asthma etc.

Can taking alka seltzer on a daily basis raise your blood pressure?

Only due to the salt in conjunction with your other daily salt intake!

How much protein should a 210 pound weght lifter consume?

If you want to increase your weight then you must consume enough grams of protein equivalent to your weight in pounds daily. The source of protein must come from a variety of meals, healthy meals are recommended. If you want to stay fit then consume atleast 110 grams of protein daily. Working out on a daily basis is recommended also.

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What task does RNs do on a daily basis? What task does RNs do on a daily basis?

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Who lives was save just by taking a aspirin a day?

Hard to say how many lives aspirin has saved. It is true that small daily amounts of aspirin, half a tablet, is good for older people and those with some cardio-vascular problems. However, a chat with your Doctor is advisable first.

Does etodolac have aspirin in it?

No, it does not have aspirin, but it is considered an "NSAID" which means it is a close cousin of aspirin. Etodolac is a pain medication in the same family as ibuprofen (Advil). NSAIDS can have blood thinning properties, although not as much as aspirin. Therefore, you should not be taking large amounts of aspirin while using etodolac. For those people taking low dose aspirin for heart health as well as an NSAID like etodolac, it is OK to take your daily aspirin. Just make sure that you take it prior to any other NSAID (wait 30-45 minutes before taking the NSAID). This ensures that you will retain the cardioprotective properties of aspirin.