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It feels good, you feel fresh and ready to dance.

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Q: What does it feel after a dance exercise?
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What happens to the water levels in your body when you dance?

Water levels drops when you dance... And that's because its a way of exercise which water is more readily lost .. therefore you feel the need for a drink after :)

Is dance exercize?

Yes, dance is a form of exercise.

Why do dance people exercise before they start there choreography?

Dance people exercise before they dance so they can move better and dont hurt themselves.

Is dance physical activity?

Yes dance is a physical activity because you get exercise out of it.

Is belly dance a good exercise?


What are the different form dances?

*THE 10 CLASSIFICATION OF DANCE FORMS* *Ballet *Modern Dance *Classical Dance *Folk Dance *Ethnic Dance *Ballroom Dance *Exercise Dance *Dance Exercise *Dance Drama *Allied Movement Form

When was Feel Like Dance created?

Feel Like Dance was created on 1995-08-09.

When was Dance the Way I Feel created?

Dance the Way I Feel was created on 2009-09-07.

Does Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Edition hit you lose weight?

Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Edition for the Wii can be a great form of exercise.

What gives you more exercise dance or hockey?


What exercise does JLS do?

Dance. Have you not seen them performing!?!?!?!?!!? xx

Is tap dancing an aerobic exercise?

Yes, any form of dance can be considered aerobic exercise.