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"Heart tremor" means a great many things to many people and as a term is almost useless. This is why it is not found in modern medical terminology. It can mean anything from angina to palpitations.

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Q: What is a heart tremor in medical terms?
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What does the terms tremor or shock refer to?

A small earthquake

What medical terms include the prefix infra?

Infraorbital (below the eye) and infracardiac (below the heart) are medical terms that include infra-.

Which type of terms are the words angina and cataract?

medical terms. angina has to do with chest/heart, cataract has to do with the eye.

What does regular mean in medical terminology?

Regular in medical terms typically refers to a heart rhythm that "keeps the beat."

Is tremor a noun?

Yes, "tremor" is a noun. It refers to an involuntary shaking or trembling movement, often seen in medical conditions like Parkinson's disease.

What does echo prefix mean in medical terms?

In medical terms, "echo prefix" typically refers to echocardiography, which is a test that uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart. It is commonly used to assess the structure and function of the heart, including the valves and chambers.

What does the prefix- cardi- refer to?

The prefix "cardi-" refers to the heart. It is commonly used in medical terms relating to the heart, such as cardiovascular (relating to the heart and blood vessels) or cardiology (the study of the heart).

How do you treat Essential tremor?

how can i treat the tremor how can i treat the tremor how can i treat the tremor

What does the medical term congestive mean?

Relating to congestion. In other words, "stuffy," or accumulating fluid.

What medical terms include the combining form -graphy?

Some medical terms that include the combining form -graphy are mammography (imaging of the breast), radiography (imaging with X-rays), and electrocardiography (recording of the heart's electrical activity).

How is essential tremor characterized?

Essential tremor is characterized by involuntary shaking or trembling, typically in the hands, arms, head, or voice. It can be aggravated by emotional stress, fatigue, or certain medications. The tremor usually occurs during voluntary movements and is not a result of other medical conditions.

What does the medical abbreviation ET mean?

Depending on context, ET can mean endotracheal, essential thrombocytosis, or essential tremor.