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Q: When performing abdominal thrusts on an obese or pregnant victim place the fist?
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What is preformed when the victim is conscious with an obstructed airway?

abdominal thrusts/heimlich for those less than 1 year old: 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts

What must be started immediately if a victim has stopped breathing?

*artificalrespiration or mouthtomouthrespiration*Nova Net answer;Administer back blows and abdominal thrusts.

How many abdominal thrusts should be given to a responsive choking victim?

You must first ask the victim to cough, if they are able to cough they should try and expell the blockage in this way. If this fails or they are unable to cough, 5 back blows ( a firm strike with the palm of the hand between the shoulder blades) should be performed, checking between each blow to see is the blockage has cleared. If the blockage has still not cleared then abdominal thrusts should be carried out. Stand behind the victim make a fist with one hand and place it above the victims belly button, with your other hand hold your fist and pull firmly in and upwards repeat 5x checking between each. If the blockage is still in place then you should alternate between 5x back blows and 5x abdo thrusts- after 3 sets of back blows and abdo thrusts if the blockage is not cleared dial 999/ 911, and continue the blows and thrusts. If you manage to clear the blockage the victim should always be sent to see a doctor is check for internal injuries. If and any point the victim becomes unconscious CPR at a rate of 30compressions 2rescue breaths should be carried out immediately and 999/ 911 dialled

Stop back slaps and chest thrusts if?

If the victim expels the object or becomes unconscious.

Should you slap a choking victim?

NO... you should do the Heimlich Maneuver ...Ask the choking person to stand if he or she is sitting ...Reassure the victim that you know the Heimlich maneuver and are going to help ...Place yourself slightly behind the standing victim ...Place your arms around the victim's waist ...Make a fist with one hand and place your thumb toward the victim, just above his or her belly button ...Grab your fist with your other hand ...Deliver five upward squeeze-thrusts into the abdomen ...Make each squeeze-thrust strong enough to dislodge a foreign body ...Understand that your thrusts make the diaphragm move air out of the victim's lungs, creating a kind of artificial cough ...Keep a firm grip on the victim, since he or she can lose consciousness and fall to the ground if the Heimlich maneuver is not effective ...Repeat the Heimlich maneuver until the foreign body is expelled ...

A bomb blast victim presents with nausea and abdominal pain?

A victim of a bomb blast should be taken to the hospital, regardless of symptoms. However, when the victim reports the presence of nausea and abdominal pain, it could indicate internal bleeding or something altogether unrelated to the explosion.

In the heimlich maneuver the fist is pressed into the victim's abdomen with how many quick thrusts at a 45 degree angle?

In the Heimlich maneuver (or abdominal thrust), place your hand one fist length above the victim's navel. Cover your fist with your other hand and thrust using an "up and out" motion. In this motion, do not lift your hand off the victim, but thrust inward (at a slight angle) and roll your fist.

When performing the heimlich maneuver on a victim which direction do you pull?

towards yourself

What is the recommended rate for performing CPR on a victim of any age?


In the heimlich maneuver the fist is pressed into the victim's abdomen with what?

The Heimlich maneuver (now called abdominal thrusts by the American Red Cross) is done by making a fist (pac-man / thumb facing the stomach) with one hand and on the stomach and the other hand, open-faced, helping to push the fist up into the diaphragm. That in-and-up ("J") motion applies pressure to the diaphragm, essentially knocking the wind out of you (your goal, of course). That motion should be done as hard as possible. To give you an idea of the amount of force needed, a colleague of mine did abdominal thrusts on his brother's son, an 8 year old boy who had choked on a piece of hot dog. He did four abdominal thrusts with no success. On the fifth try, the thought that he said went through his mind was "Oh my God - if I do this any harder, I'm going to break this kid's spine" and sure enough, the piece of hot dog came flying out. It takes a lot of force!

What position should you immediately place a victim with and abdominal wound in?

On back with knees flexed in

What is the recommended compression rate for performing CPR on a victim of any age?