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The one in the green is Jennifer Winterstrom she was a character on American gladiator named Phoenix. the one in the red is Jelena Abbou she's a fitness model and IFBB pro, so is Jennifer For that matter...I Think

Hope it helps in finding a Wallpaper worthy pic =P

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Q: Who are the female models in the bowflex commercials?
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Who is the actress in the Bowflex Revolution commercials?

April Stuart

How much is a bowflex treadclimber?

It can cost about $1000 to $3000 depending on what model you choose from, since their are many different models.

Who is the redheaded actress in the bowflex commercials?

Sienna miller

What models of rowing machine do you recommend?

If you are new to this type of excercising your choice of rowing machines should be practical, focus on quality and price. I have always loved Bowflex products and would recommend a Bowflex rowing machine. Because a good rowiing machine like Bowflex is expensive you may want to rent or purchase second hand.

What is name of femail models in anchor toothpaste commercials?

Amrit Maghera

Which exercise equipment is the best for building muscle?

I have seen so many commercials for Bowflex and the people who use it look very muscular. You are also supposed to see results right away.

Who is the female voice in the lazy boy radio commercials?

Lecia Macryn is the voice on the Lazy Boy commercials.

What is the Afro-American models name on the Quilted Northern Toilet Tissue Commercials and how would you get in touch with her?

Who is the Female Model of African-American ancestry in the Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Commercials on T.V.? And how could one get in touch with her? (As I think she is an Old Friend of mine I used to work with back in 1974)

where can i find the second edition of bowflex?

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE is the newest bowflex with power rods. It is the upgraded version of the original with extra weight resistance and no need to change pullies. It retails from Bowflex for $1,599.00. You can get it online directly from Bowflex, and some warehouse stores also sell bowflex products.

Who is the female voice in the v8 commercials?

Leslie Mann

What are the differences between the bowflex revolution and the original bowflex?

Some differences between the Bowflex Revolution and the Bowflex Classic are the price of each unit and the folded (storage) size of each. The larger Classic Bowflex costs $649, while the more compact Revolution costs nearly $3,000. Another important difference is that the Bowflex Revolution offers a wider variety of exercizes than the Classic Bowflex.

How does the bowflex revolution differ from the original bowflex?

The original bowflex does not use pulley machines or conventional weights. The bowflex revolution barely differs from it's predecessor. It is just an opportunity to spend more money.