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Q: Can guys have virginas
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What was Virginas economy?

The grass

What is virginas state bird?


Is the eastern shore virginas largest peninsula?


Who was virginas camander for the battle of hampon roads?

charles davis

How far is it from Greenup KY to West Virginas mountains?

yes it is

West virginas largest city?

Charleston is the largest city in WV.

What was colonial virginas main cash crop?

Tobacco, rice, and indigo

What is virginas dominat religon?

The major religion in the colony of New York is Muslim.

What is virginas nickname?

Virginia's nickname is "The Old Dominion State"

What dessert is famous in West Virginia?

west virginas most liked diesert

What isVirginias nickname?

virginas state nickname is Old Dominion State

Who developed a sweet smelling tobacco that grew well in who developed a sweet smelling tobacco that grew well in virginas soil?

John Rolfe