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Avoid your Mother-in-law like the PLAGUE , and when your wife notices and asks you why, THEN tell her . Just let me add, if your MIL has Alzheimers, has had a stroke, or has a drug or alcohol problem , tell your wife immediately, she will understand. If MIL just is trying to seduce you, any flat out accusation will be denied by her . If you let your wife figure it out on her own, then no blame will attach to you, since she will have seen you trying to avoid MIL. Try to have your hands full, be in the bathroom, or any reason to avoid contact when she is arriving or leaving." Develop" an allergy to her perfume, hairspray , anything. I really sympathize with this most awkward dilemma.

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Q: Do i tell my wife my mother-in-law gropes and kiss's me?
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