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Q: How can you be interesting for a girl which you love her?
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What to do if not any girl who you've loved does not love you?

Love is not a one way street. You are probably not "visible" to them and that is okay. Why not look more seriously at the girls who do like you? If you are interesting and are interested in them, you will be successful.

How did American girl dolls get famous?

I think they were famous when girls found out about My American Girl, where you can customize your very own. They soon saw how they had soft hair and they were interesting to play with, now Im only 11 so, I love playing with her and especially love to comb her hair! <3

Wdoes Sasuke love tayuya?

No. I barely think he has a heart( maybe it's a blackhole or a icebox or a weezing(pokemon)) to love someone, especally a foul mouthed girl like her. Interesting Couple choice, though.

How can you be interesting girl?

You are interesting in your own way, so don't try and be someone the opposite of you

Are seashells interesting?

seashells are interesting! I just love them! they're all kwl and stuff

I love my sister and her guinea pigs and i love to slide in mud?

you're interesting

What do you do if you do if you are in love with a stubborn girl?

You should not be in love with a stubborn girl.

How a girl love you if she doesn't love you?

You can't make a girl love you, if its not there, it's just not there.

Why animals are amazing?

I think that animals are interesting because there are so many different species, interesting but not mean lovely at all.

How do you say a girl that i love her?

You just have to tell her. She will appreciate it if you do. Girl's love it when a guy says they love them!!!

Ilove a girl she does not love you?

I think you should tell that girl you love them.

How can you tell your parents that you love a girl?

You just tell them your in love with a girl.