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Q: How can you describe their family members and home life?
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What is the Meaning of family life?

Family life is the life within your household; how you live with your [sibling(s)] and parent(s)/guardian(s). It consists of the activities you participate in together, and the general way your life is carried out in your home, and with family members.

How was Sam's home life?

Sam's home life was turbulent and challenging. He faced abuse and neglect from his family members, leading to feelings of fear and insecurity. Despite experiencing hardship at home, Sam remained resilient and sought support from trusted individuals outside his family.

How would you describe Shakespeare family?

There is not enough specific information to describe Shakespeare's family life.

How would you describe family life during the Gupta Empire?

During the gupta empire time family life was simple the man worked and the female stayed at home and watched the kids and took care of the house.

How did deaths of family members affect Andrew Jackson life?

It affected president andrew's life because those were the only family members and that meant a lot to him. Andrew Jackson was the only president who had all family members killed.

How do Samoans earn money overseas?

With exports and investments, and with remittances from family members who live and work overseas, who contribute to the wellbeing and every day life of the aiga (family) back home.

Can a life insurance policy with five family members be turned in to five policies?

The answer is in the negative. You are to opt for separate life policies for your five family members to cater their needs.

Why did family life change after black death?

because the family had lost members and friends

How would a future historian describe you?

a historian would describe your life by you telling him all about you and your family.

Describe the home life of the athenians?

The was slaves and they tree

How has gas effected family life at home?

Effected? I guess without gases human life would not have evolved. Therefore gas has effected family life at home.

What phrase does not describe the historic life on a family farm?

Small, modest enterprises