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The best thing to do is just ignore it. That has happened to me once. When your friends get stolen, after a while they realise they have done a big mistake & they will come back to you

That's a really bad answer, above.


Let's deal with one problem at a time, first. Okay, she's making everyone hate you, correct? This is a coincidence right now, because this girl is doing the exact same to me, and she's stealing my best friend.

If you are angry and seek revenge, join the club.

But, I know and you do TOO that this is not the best way to deal with this. Take slow steps at first,

1. First, try to let it blow over. Sometimes people just seek a reaction, and are just trying to get you annoyed so they can call you, I don't know, a "bully." But, you aren't. You're far from it. Give it at least three days, things die down quick if there is no reaction.

2. If Step 1 didn't work, talk to that person. BUT PLAN OUT WHAT YOU SAY, and do it in person, not on an IM or email. Doesn't work. Be sincere, and most importantly tell her how it makes you feel. And tell her that if she doesn't do anything, you're going to do something about it.

3. Tell an adult. Yes, even if you DID do something wrong which caused her to act this way, it isn't going to get better for you if you keep putting up with this crap. Just think; the quicker you do it, the quicker it'll be done.

Stealing your best friend, do I hear? Wow, it's like your exactly me. Right now the girl who is attempting to ruin my life is also trying to steal my friendship. SHE EVEN TOLD MY BEST FRIEND TO BLOCK ME ON MSN! No, that isn't necessary.

So, what to do, do you ask? It's simple... Yet so complicated.

1. Tell your best friend how much you mean to her. Remind her of the AH-MAZE-ING times you had together. There should be a few. :) Tell her how important she is.

2. If your best friend is seriously creeped out, and yes, she might be, tell her the reason why. Give her the proof that proves that the girl is stealing her. If she doesn't listen, give her the examples.

3. If she doesn't believe that she is being 'stolen,' and she isn't doing anything to show that she cares for you, let her go. There's the saying that's along the lines of 'If you love something, let it go. If it loved you back, it'll come back." If she doesn't, she isn't a friend. If she does, which I hope so, she is a true friend.

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  • It is not uncommon during young to teen years that friends pass each other like ships in the night; one day they are the best of friends that may last months to years and before one knows it the friendship is over. Often fate steps in and there is a good reason even though you may not think so at the time. No one can steal your best friend unless your best friend approves of seeing more of their new friend and leaving you out of the circle. It is wise to continue on and make new friends and eventually you will find one or two truly good friends in your lifetime.
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1.Calm yourself down 2.You can still play with them and add another friend 3. If she/he doesn't want to play with you any more go and find another friend to play with you

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Q: How do you fix a problem if someone steals your best friend?
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When you have a problem who do you call?

your mom or your dad or your best friend or someone you can trust is what i would do your mom or your dad or your best friend or someone you can trust is what i would do

What should you do when a friend steals your best friends and your girlfriend?

First of all, a friend who steals anything is not a friend. Automatically. And a best friend stolen, and a girl friend stolen, are not friends either. Sounds like you need new friends. I would personally forget about it and get some more friends.

What is a true best friend?

A true best friend is someone you can trust and someone who treats you kindly and never lies to you. A best friend is someone you can depend on, someone who you can share your sad times with and your funny times with. A true best friend is someone you can tell anything to!

What does it mean when you have a dream that your best friend steals you dream guy?

When you have a dream that your best friend steals your dream guy, it simply means that you have been thinking about this situation in your conscious or subconscious mind. The meaning behind dreams is not easily deciphered. They do not usually mean exactly what they tell. So try not to take them literally. But if your best friend does steal your dream guy, then I think you should find a new best friend...

What do you do when your sister comes on your best friends relaishonship and steals your friend and then your best friend only hangs out with her and just ignores you?

If you still like your best friend then try to get her back or let her go with your sister if that's what your friend wants. Or mabey your friend could be friends with your sister and best friends with you.

What if your best friend is like a sister but she steals from you?

just tell her not to steal and maybe she will stop since you two are like bro and sis. I have a best friend like that but she steals pencils and stuff from me but I do it also so it doesn't matter for us but just say stop firmly and not while laughing

Who is Lizzy from Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life?

Lizzy is Jeremy Finks best friend who steals useless objects.

What is the difference between close friend and best friend?

a close friend is someone you can talk to, and do things with. A best friend is someone you can tell anything to.

What to do if you you have a problem with your girlfriends best friend and the girlfriends best friend think you are their best friend?

Ignore them. Just ignore them.

What do you do when a friend steals your best friends and your girlfriend?

You tell her how you feel and you just get rid of her. (I don't mean literally just do not hang out with her.)

What are examples of problem solution?

a problem and solution can be almost anything, but these were some on the top of my head. a problem is when something bad happens, but a solution is how you fix it. Problem: your best friend started talking about you Solution: talk to your best friend about what happened. Its sorta like a cause and effect . Hope i helped you (: Problem: when you are caught between two guys but you are dating someone.. Solution:you go with your heart trust me it happen to me!!!)))

What is best friend?

A best friend his someone you have known for a while and that you can trust them to keep secrets and someone you can count on if you need someone to talk to. A friend is your family so keep them close.