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Hi im 13 and there is this girl i really like in my school.I am shy and i kinda try to let her know i want to ask her out.I just look at her a lot and if a guy looks at you and you look back and he doesnt look away and smiles then he propably likes you

Hope i helped,Gud luck!

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He might approach you suddenly, but back away like there was nothing he needed. Or he might be nice to you, but be very quiet, and awkward moments will be frequent.

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Easy! he will try to ask you but he can't finish his sentences and when he's around you he blushes or maybe trembles

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Q: How do you know if a shy guy wants to ask you out?
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How do you know a guy is going to ask you out?

if he says that he wants to be more than just friends or if he keepa trying to but is shy (:

How do you know if a guy is to shy to ask you out?

Well, if this is so he would look at you for a moment, blush, then turn away fast. As an 8th grade guy who wants to ask out someone but is to shy to, I know how he feels. Try to talk to him and see if he blushes or talk to his friends about it.

How do you know if the shy guy has a feeling to you?

Ask him. He's to shy to ask you, he's hoping you will ask him.

Why is a guy shy to talk to you?

sometimes when a guy is shy to talk to you it might be because he likes u or just wants to be friends but don't know how to.

How do you know when a guy wants to be more than friends?

well they guy will blush and be more shy around you.

What if a guy has one of his friends ask you out for him?

I was a teen in the 1950's and that was quite common. The guy is probably too shy and feared rejection so he had his friend talk to you. If you know this guy that wants to ask you out and you like him then tell your friend that you'll go out with this guy. If you don't like the guy then say no.

How do ask out a guy that doesn't even know your alive?

Get him to know you. Talk to him. Don't be shy (=

How come this guy will not ask you out?

Either he is shy and you need to make the first move, he already has a girlfriend, or he does not like you. Or he wants to be alone with you to ask you out.

If you like a guy and you want to know if he likes you how would you ask him?

dont be shy and ask him if he likes you?

What would be the best way to ask a guy who's really shy out?

There is really no wrong way to ask a guy out. Ask him if he wants to hang out and do something low-key that you both enjoy.

How do you know if a guy is too shy to ask you out?

Does he blush when you smile at him? Does he stutter or stammer when you try to talk to him? Ask him out! I'll bet he won't be shy after that.

Why is the guy you like too shy to admit that he likes you?

Maybe he wants to seem like the tough to get guy in school? If he does like you then, well, ask him.