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Why, what have you done? If you've commited the wrong, then you should. However, if your friend has commited the wrong and is too stubborn and graceless to apologise, they are obviously not as clever or mature as you. You should then be mature and try to negotiate and make peace with them, and they will respect you and you will be friends again. If all fails, you should not consider them your friend anymore and give them the cold shoulder.

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No. If you are really sorry, do it f2f.

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Q: Should you call your friend to tell her that you are sorry?
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What should you do if you lied to a friend?

tell my friend sorry and tell the truth

What should you do if you and your best friend get into a fight?

tell them how you feel and hpofully they will feel sorry for you

What to do when your friend dicthes you?

u should tell them or they will keep on doing it (trust me it happened to me) if u r scared to tell them face to face u should call them or email them, When my friend dicthed me i emailed her about it she ignored the email so i emailed her again about ,she said sorry and so far she has never dicthed me.

What should you tell a friend if one of his family members died?

Honestly you should tell them you are sorry for their loss... then you should try to make them feel better and just listen to what they have to say... that's what a good friend would do

How do you tell your best guy friend your truly sorry for what happened?

If you something wrong to your guy friend you should just say sorry and if you don't just don't be friends.Hope that this can help you.:)

What should you do if you go a message saying ill be sorry if you tell anyone?

call 911

What should you do if your kissing your best friend's boyfriend?

WHAT THE HECK! Why are you kissing your best friend's boyfriend? She needs some better relationships. Can you tell her that I feel sorry for her?

Should you tell your friend you like her if she doesn't like you?

Should you put your hand on the stove after getting burned? Sorry, but if you value the friendship whatsoever, then do not.

How do you get back friends?

Tell your friend you are really sorry and draw them a picture of you and him/her. Tell him/her you are very sorry for your mistake and if that doesn't work, I guess you don't have a very good friend right now, my friend. :)

If you found out a boy likes you from a friend how can you let him know you like him without telling him?

give him a note, or tell your freind to ask him.but personally if he likes you HE should tell you. Tell one of his friends... you should call him and have a friend talk to him .

What should you do if your friend is being stalked?

tell somebody or call the police cause it could get serious.

What do you tell a friend when they're mad at you?

I'm sorry