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A number of things can occur:

* he tries to control your every move * he stalks and follows you * he finds another woman to see if you will get angry * he talks your friends into no longer seeing/ talking with you * he alienates your family from you

those are just a few highlights. The best thing you can do? Is see your local Domestic Violence Crisis Center and ask to speak to an advocate... and make a plan to get free of of him/ her!

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Q: What does an abuser when he is obsessively jealous?
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She wants you to make a move and show her that you're jealous. All girls want to know that their guy is protective and gets jealous, (NOT OBSESSIVELY) at times.

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What does an abuser when he is obsessively jalous?

Well he will go crazy and probably hurt u even more than he did before so try not to get him/her jelous Well he will go crazy and probably hurt u even more than he did before so try not to get him/her jelous

Why does your abuser want to be just friends but gets jealous when you go out with other men?

The abuser is very possessive of you.Because they never take your feelings in to account.To them you are only a possession.They are always in control,he feels that he owns you.By someone going out with you it angers him and he feels disrespect.In his eyes you belong to him and will always be his weather he wants you or not.

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Is it normal for someone who has been abused to be obsessively reading books on abusive men or looking at abuse websites trying to find that one thing that will put the abuser in his place?

It might be necessary to get the person in for therapy. If nothing else, the therapist might be able to get the abused person to leave the abusive relationship and be a little less obsessive.

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