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The abuser is very possessive of you.Because they never take your feelings in to account.To them you are only a possession.They are always in control,he feels that he owns you.By someone going out with you it angers him and he feels disrespect.In his eyes you belong to him and will always be his weather he wants you or not.

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Q: Why does your abuser want to be just friends but gets jealous when you go out with other men?
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She wants to be friends but gets jealous?

dude, she likes you!

How do you know if your boyfriend gets jealous when you talk to other boys?

I think that when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends he will start to be around you more and when your guys friends come around he will completely ignore them and try keeping you all to himself. Another way is when he sees your guys friends talking to you or hugging you he gets mad.

What is 5 jealous things a 5 year old gets jealous about?

Candy, toys, friends, abilities, ect.

What is it whenYou are in love with a girl but she says that she only wants to be friends but when you talk to other girls she gets jealous Need advice or opinions?

She is jealous, and she really likes you. She just doesn't want to admit it.

My Boyfriend is jealous of My friends who are boys. Im friends with some boys who are also friends with my boyfriend but everytime i talk to them or im friendly he gets upset or angry. what can i do?

tell him that if he cant handle you being around other boys then that's it!

When was If Rap Gets Jealous created?

If Rap Gets Jealous was created in 2007.

I know my 'best' friend for 9 years now she gets really jealous of me when i go out with other friends She gets mad for simple things I invite her everywhere She takes my other friend away?

The best friend sounds like she is very possessive and jealous of her friend forming new relationships. This is dangerous and perhaps the friendship should end completely.

Why does your ex who wants to be friends ignore you but then gets jealous when he sees you with another guy and makes a point to show you that he is jealous?

Because he is jealous. He says "I just want to be friends" but really he is thinking "If I can be around her more, we might get back together." It is EXTREMELY hard for couples who breakup to be friends and friends only, because breakups are almost never mutual, even if it seems they are.

Which of harry's friends are Jealous of him in the Gobelt of fire?

Ron becomes jealous of Harry because he gets all the glory and attention and Ron isn't really paid any. Hermionie might also be jealous but she might be hiding it.

What is a ten letter word gets jealous?

possessive, suspicious, vindictive = gets/becomes/is jealous tantalizes, philanders = makes jealous

Why does inuyasha gets so jealous?

he alway get jealous when any guy gets near to her and because he loves her

What does it mean when your with a guy and he doesn't want to be with you but he doesn't want you to be with anybody else?

It just means that he likes you as friend and gets jealous of you with others, it is like having a boyfriend, and you are with other guys, then he gets a bit jealous.

What does that mean if the guy you like is jealous when you talk to your guy friends and tells his friends about you and sometimes gets your attention and stares at you till you stare back?

Ask him. He may be interested in you.

What to do when a girl you like gets a boyfriend?

make her jealous by getting closer to other girls!

Why would a guy say were just friends but gets mad when you with other men?

Just maybe he wants to be friends while he is seeing someone else but wants to be with you when he is not. Evidently he is very jealous. He like you very much, I would say. This is just my opinion.

What is the relationship between hermia and Helena?

hermia and Helena are friends. but Helena gets jealous of hermia because hermia gets the love of both lysander and demetrius, the guy she loves.

What do you do when the person you are dating gets jealous?

Jealousy is a worthless emotion. If the person you are dating gets jealous, then it may not be a healthy relationship.

Are you in danger of being abused by your boyfriend when he regularly accuses you of talking to other men and gets angry when you go out with friends?

I'm warning you, he might be an abuser. If he hurts you, you need to get out of that relationship ASAP. If he won't leave you alone, you can file a restraining order.

What does it mean if you bf gets jealous because he thought you were camming with other guys?

it means you were talking with some other boys

Who gets more jealous guys or girls?

There isn't one gender which really gets jealous more. People tend to stereotype women as being more jealous, but it's something that depends on the individual.

Why does an abuser end a relationship?

because he does bad stuff and his mind gets sickness which gets him to do things he dosent want to

This girl and I are friends and she told me she liked me and I said I liked her to so we hung out more and we were flirting and hugging and then she gets a bf is she trying to make me jealous.?

it either- she DOES want to make you jealous or you havn't asked her out so she thinks your not interestedd and has moved on......

How do you know if she will take you back?

If she gets jealous!

Why are friend jealous of each over?

friend are probably jealous of each other because they`re human as well, and plus when one`s more fortunate than the other then it gets messed up my opinion

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend gets jealous a little bout my guy friends?

it means he is really jelous because he thinks you will be in a better relationship than you guys did