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You can get several different answers to this, most of which will tell you more about the person doing the answering rather than giving you useful information to reason through this question. I will try to outline some of the key points of the issue as it stands in April 2013 in the United States, but this is an extremely complex issue that touches on many different groups with diverse backgrounds. First, there really isn't any group that is proposing to grant amnesty to large groups of illegal immigrants - this is a political soundbite used by conservative Republicans to try to prevent the possibility of any illegal immigrant from earning citizenship through any pathway. A bipartisan (4 Republicans, 4 Democrats) group is working on introducing an Immigration reform bill into the Senate in June 2013, and part of the legislation is a method to potentially provide for citizenship for those individuals who are here illegally as of a certain date after working for it for 15 years or so. There are significant financial and legal hurdles for these people to overcome, including paying a penalty fee, having to hold a steady job, not being convicted of crime, etc. The argument for this path is, there are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants already in the United States - you have to bring these people out of the shadows and into the mainstream society to effectively deal with them. By offering a path, albeit a hard path, to citizenship, you engage these people and can prevent more illegal immigration. The opposite viewpoint is that any immigrant who wants to be in the United States legally simply has to self-deport back to their home country, wait ten years then apply for a green card same as everyone else. By giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship outside of the already established legal venues, you are in effect legitimizing their criminal activities by coming to the United States illegally. This is seen as not fair both to those who are trying to immigrate legally as well as those who already immigrated legally. The hardest part of this question is how to handle individuals in which minor children were brought across the border illegally by their parents - many of these children don't find out they are illegal immigrants until they try to apply for college or to join the military and suddenly discover they don't have a social security number. The children couldn't do anything about the immigration - sometimes they were infants in arms being carried across the border by their parents. Should they be held as criminals for not following the legal immigration pathways, even though there was literally nothing they could have done about it when it happened? These children, incidentally, generally speak American English and have only lived in the United States so they don't even know what their parents' home country is like, nor would they be able to function in that country.

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Q: Why should illegal immigrants already in the US be granted amnesty?
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How many presidents have granted amnesty to illegal immigrants?

Ronald Reagan signed an bill in 1986 which gave amnesty to certain illegal aliens if they satisfied certain conditions. I think that was the only amnesty act passed by Congress. Barack Obama has granted an informal amnesty to certain illegal immigrants who do not cause any trouble.

What year did Ronald Reagan pass the amnesty?

Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. The act made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit illegal immigrants, required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status, and granted amnesty to approximately 3 million illegal immigrants who entered the United States prior to January 1, 1982 and had lived in the country continuously.

What does the libertarian party do about illegal immigrants?

The Libertarian Party is anti-amnesty.

What are two things the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act accomplished?

it penalized employers who hired illegal immigrants

How can you use the word amnesty in a sentence?

Since amnesty means to pardon or ask for forgiveness so you could say Please give me amnesty but it depends on which amnesty you are using because another definition is a general pardon of offenses especially political ones against a government.The police granted an amnesty to anyone keeping a firearm, so they could hand it in and have it disposed of, without retribution.Many people worry about illegal immigrants, while others wish to make them legal by granting them amnesty.When the president was inaugurated, he granted amnesty to five criminals in celebration.

What is a pardon for a wrong done against a government?

Amnesty is a pardon for wrongdoing against a government. For example, amnesty may be granted for the crime of illegal immigration into the country.

What president gave illegals amnesty in the 80s?

Ronald Reagan signed an act of Congress in 1984 which gave amnesty to certain illegal immigrants if they complied with a list of conditions.

Did JFK ever give amnesty to illegal immigrants?

Yes, President John F. Kennedy did sign the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act in 1962, which provided for the admission of refugees and set a precedent for offering temporary protection to certain groups of immigrants. However, this was not a blanket amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the country.

Do the U.S. Immigration Laws allow for amnesty for illegal immigrants?

No, new legislation would have to be passed by Congress and the US President's signature.

Is it possible for a married couple that are illegal immigrants be granted a divorce in the US?

Absolutely YES

What does Ted Cruz mean when he uses the word 'amnesty'?

The term "amnesty" in US politics, and presumably when 2016 Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz uses it, typically refers to the idea of giving the Illegal Immigrants in the United States some sort of pardon for the crime of illegal border crossing. It can be as minimal as ceasing the deportation proceedings of Illegal Immigrants, but is usually a reference to a "Path to Citizenship", where the Illegal Immigrants will be able to apply to become US citizens under certain conditions set out by law.

What is your view on illegals deportation then reform or amnesty?

The issue of illegal immigration is a sensitive one. Many citizens of a nation feel that deportation is appropriate for illegal immigrants, as it is both mandated by law and viewed as a personal right of the nation to permit only those who pass qualifications to become naturalized. Amnesty is generally frowned on by citizens, as they view it as capitulation or giving the illegal immigrants a free ride to citizenship status. Additional problems occur as illegal immigrants do not pay taxes but use the social programs those taxes are designed to pay for. This can result in exacerbating economic problems.