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I believe that 'Robert' would have to break the laws of physics as we know them today. The time-zone difference plus the travel-time would be more than 15 hours. Vatican City is probably too small a parcel of land to even HAVE an airport, so a cab ride from Rome's airport to Vatican City would add some time to the quotient as well. Let's not even DISCUSS Boston's traffic mess!

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Yes, it is possible with a private jet. The flight time from Boston to Rome is around 7-8 hours, and then there would be additional travel time from Rome to Vatican City. With a private jet, it would be feasible to make this journey in time for the 8pm deadline.

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Q: In 'Angels and Demons' Robert is met at 5am in Boston USA and needs to be in Vatican City Italy by 8pm He apparently makes it Is this possible even with a private jet?
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