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cause he is disrecpectful

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Scout spends time with Miss Maudie because she finds her kind, understanding, and supportive. Miss Maudie serves as a friend and mentor to Scout, providing wisdom and guidance as she navigates growing up in Maycomb. Scout values Miss Maudie's positive influence and companionship.

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Q: What had driven scout to spend so much time with miss Maudie?
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How did scout spend her time when Jem began to shun her?

She spends her evenings with Miss Maudie

Why did scout grow closer to miss Atkinson?

Scout grew closer to Miss Maudie Atkinson because Miss Maudie treated her with respect and understanding, unlike other adults in the neighborhood. Miss Maudie also shared similar interests with Scout, such as a love for nature and a rebellious spirit. Additionally, Miss Maudie provided Scout with guidance and wisdom, which helped Scout navigate the challenges she faced.

How does the relationship between Miss Maudie and scout change in chapter 5?

In Chapter 5 of "To Kill a Mockingbird," the relationship between Miss Maudie and Scout deepens as Miss Maudie shows kindness and understanding towards Scout, treating her like an equal and comforting her when she feels left out. Miss Maudie's attitude towards Scout becomes warmer and more nurturing, providing a supportive presence in Scout's life. Their bond strengthens as Miss Maudie becomes a trusted friend and mentor to Scout.

What does scout mean when she says miss Maudie atkinson was a chameleon lady?

When Scout says Miss Maudie Atkinson was a chameleon lady, she means that Miss Maudie was adaptable and able to change or adjust to different situations or people. It suggests that Miss Maudie was flexible and able to blend in or empathize with those around her.

Why did miss Maudie place her hand on scout when miss Stephanie was teasing her in to kill a mocking bird?

Miss Maudie likely placed her hand on Scout as a gesture of comfort and reassurance, to show her support in the face of teasing from Miss Stephanie. This simple action conveyed Miss Maudie's empathy and understanding towards Scout's feelings.

Who does scout thinks has been leaving the treasure?

Miss Maudie

Why did the thought of Miss Maudie going to hell worry scout so much?

Because Scout thought she(Miss Maudie) was the best person she knew and that didn't give Scout much hope of going to heaven herself.

Why does scout start hanging out at miss Maudie's house more often in to kill a mockingbird?

Scout starts hanging out at Miss Maudie's house more often because she finds comfort and understanding there. Miss Maudie offers guidance and wisdom to Scout, serving as a positive influence in her life. Additionally, Miss Maudie's warm and welcoming nature creates a sense of security for Scout during a time of turmoil in Maycomb.

Why does miss Maudie say scout is being morbid?

Miss Maudie says Scout is being morbid after describing the Radleys because she believes Scout is excessively focusing on the negative aspects of their mysterious neighbors rather than showing empathy or understanding towards them. Miss Maudie encourages Scout to be more compassionate and less fixated on the gossip and rumors surrounding the Radleys.

Why does miss Maudie laugh when scout uses the word morphodite to describe the snowman?

Miss Maudie laughs because "morphodite" is a made-up word that combines "Morphodite" (a term for a hermaphrodite) with "dynamite." It shows Scout's innocent ignorance and humor in trying to sound grown-up. Miss Maudie finds Scout's creativity and innocence amusing.

Who does scout befriend after Jem and dill banish her from playtime?

Scout befriends her reclusive neighbor, Boo Radley, after Jem and Dill banish her from playtime. She becomes fascinated by Boo and forms a bond with him throughout the novel.

What gesture of friendship cements Miss Maudie and Scouts relationship?

Miss Maudie inviting Scout to come over and sit with her in her front yard during the trial signifies a gesture of friendship that cements their relationship. Miss Maudie's kindness and willingness to share her perspective with Scout help strengthen their bond.