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Professional softball players, of course, get paid. However, they do not earn nearly as much money as Major League Baseball players. The Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing this year does get paid, more than the professional softball players, but again, not as much as the average Major League Baseball player. For example, Jennie Finch drives a van, NOT a Ferrari.

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Q: How much does a softball player get paid?
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Is jennie finch good at softball?

pretty much the best softball player and pitcher in the USA.

Who was the highest paid fremale athlete in 2007?

The highest payed softball player was Jennie Finch. She was in the Olympics and was a model. Very highly paid!

How much would professional SOFTBALL players get paid yearly?

The salary cap in professional softball keeps the range from $7000 to $17,000 per year.

How much do the Olympic softball players get paid?

Olympic sportsmen/women are amateurs they do not receive payment.

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She became a softball player because as a young child she always enjoyed softball

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yes you need to work hard to get the job of a softball player and by the way softball i hard to play!!!!

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She was the first professional softball player

Who is the highest paid NCAA Squash coach?

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