How much is 5 francs in US dollars?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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5 francs are worth $5.21 dollars in the US, however the coin is no longer used, because most of Europe changed to Euros in 2002.

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Q: How much is 5 francs in US dollars?
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How much is a 5 gold coin worth?

5 Dollars (Canadian or US), 5 Francs (French or Belgian), 5 Roubles, 5 Lire, 5 Marks? The date and condition will make a difference, too.

Worth of 1968 confoederatio helvetica coin 5 francs?

A 1968 Confoederatio Helvetica coin 5 francs is worth between 5 and 20 US dollars. The value depends on the condition of the coin.

How much is a gold 1865 Napoleon 111 5 francs worth?

About 200 dollars, in very good condition.

How much is 450 pounds in us dollars?

As of August 5, 2014, 150 British pounds is equal to 253.22 US dollars. This is also equal to 189.32 euros or 230.27 Swiss francs.

How much is 5 baht in US dollars?

5 Baht is 0.154 US Dollars.

How can you exchange Central African Francs or XAF for US dollars in the US?

As of 16Oct09, the interbank rate is 439, so expect to get somewhere 3-5% either side of that.

How much was the French franc worth in us dollars in 1963?

I'm not 100% certain; but if I recall correctly there were 5 new francs to the dollar when I was a student in France in 1963. Most French people still were thinking in old francs (100-1).The Currency currently used in France is the Euro.

What is the value of a 1935 RF 5 francs?

54.350.869 coins were struck in 1935. Value : about 5 dollars.

How much is 125 euros in us dollars?

5 dollars

5 francs is how much money?

Alas, 5 francs is now no money at all. When France went over to the Euro, the new euro was worth about 7 francs.

How much are Jarvinen cross country skis 126 Olympia Mitalia?

I just bought a pair for 5 Swiss francs (= 5 US $)

How much is 5 hundred US dollars in pesos?

fifty dollars