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There are many different companies that offer credit mortgage loans to consumers. These companies include, but aren't limited to, The Bank of America, First Merit, and Huntington.

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Q: Which companies offer credit mortgage loans?
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What companies offer mortgages to those with adverse credit?

There are several companies that offer mortgages to those with adverse credit. Some of these companies include First Option Mortgage, Quicken Loans, and FHA.

Where is it possible to refinance a mortgage if you have bad credit?

There are a variety of companies that offer mortgage refinancing options to individuals with bad credit. Lending Tree, Quicken Loans, and Wells Fargo, for example, each offer this service.

What are some of the highest rating companies that offer loans for people with bad credit?

It may not always be easy to find a company which offers loans to people with bad credit scores. However, it is not impossible. Mortgage Credit Problems, E-Loan and Ameriquest Mortgage Co. offer loans to people with bad credit scores and have received good customer feedback.

What companies offer second mortgage refinance loans?

There are many companies that offer 2nd mortgage refinance loans. These include Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, as well as independent mortgage brokers.

What companies offer self employed mortgage loans?

There are a wide variety of companies that offer self-employed mortgage loans, although the qualifying process can be difficult. Examples of companies that do provide this service are Lending Tree and Quicken Loans.

Where might one with a bad credit history look for a mortgage?

One might get a mortgage when having a bad credit history through subprime mortgage lending, which means making loans to people with a bad credit history. Companies who offer subprime lending include: Amigo Loans, Piggy Bank and UK Credit.

What companies offer unsecured loans with no credit check?

Companies that offer unsecured loans with no credit check include: Credit Loan Sources, PRL, Chesterman House Loans, PayDay Advance, One Up Loans and Easy Loans.

Which companies offer car loans to people with poor credit?

There are various companies that offer car loans to people with poor credit. Some of the companies that offer bad credit auto loans include Federal Auto Loan and BlueSky Auto Finance.

What companies offer mortgage loans online?

Mortgage loans are offered by a wide range of banking, financial, and other funded companies online. A majority of banks as well as financial institutions provide the mortgage loans.

What companies offer payday loans with no credit checks?

There are several companies out there that will offer payday loans with no credit checks. A few of these companies are: Spotya, MegaFood, and Fast Cash Advance.

Where could one secure a mortgage loan?

One can secure a mortgage loan at various companies, banks, or lenders that offer mortgage loans. Some institutions that offer mortgage loans are Bank of America, Quicken Loans, and Wells Fargo.

Where can someone find a mortgage guide?

There are many websites and companies that offer guides to mortgage loans. Some of these companies that offer guides are Freddie Mac, The Mortgage Guide and Bankrate.